Monday, August 24, 2009


Life is all about balance and currently I have none.

I took a new position at work and since then I feel like my balance on life has been all out of whack. By balance I mean a balance between fun and work, personal time and time for others, spiritual and temporal time, etc. Like the picture above I have a lot of rocks in my life that are always changing and I am striving to keep them balanced and steady. I am trying to find a healthy balance between being a wife, worker, daughter, sister, a good church goer, and ME!

I took the position a month ago and since then I have been working 10-12 hour days and it has had a ripple effect on everything I do. I am not trying to complain because I am a team player, but man it took me a while to figure all this out, and now that I have I need to get it off my chest to feel better. I love my job, but this change has been tough because I have put a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect at it, then I haven't been delegating enough, then I let other stresses get to me, then I stopped sleeping and eating, plus I wasn't getting enough time with Lars and that was bothering me, then I knew I was all whacked out when I started crying at good news I received from a friend. I was overwhelmed. My physical, emotional, mental state, and spiritual state were all messed up. What was wrong me. I was crashing and burning. Work was getting hard because I was making it hard and I wasn't taking the time to spiritually feed myself or time for the fun things in life. Last week it got so bad that I had to stop everything and I took a ME DAY OFF and did nothing but sleep and pamper myself. I also cried on Lars' shoulder and got everything off my chest. Then I set some new goals to help myself slow down and take care of ME then everything else. I have been trying to stick to those goals and it has helped a lot. I feel like I am on my way back to finding the right balance for the things going on in my life.

Regardless of changes at work and other changes to come throughout my journey, life is still about finding and keeping the right balance for yourself!