Friday, March 14, 2014

Dance YO!

I got a new job. I quit my current job. I danced to celebrate. 

I am super super excited to start my new job. I do love what I do and have been working in the print/copy industry for most of my life. On one hand I am sad to leave it but on the other I am excited about the new opportunities. I will be working directly for a well known healthcare company in Utah in their Print and Mail Center. I was working with them as a vendor but now I have been hired on to work in house. I will be running their insertion machine, helping in the scanning and mail room as well. The best part is I will be working with a wonderful group of people that I already know and love. The benefits with this company are so amazing! Plus I will only be working 30 hours now. I am hoping this will provide a little more balance with all the other hats I wear and maybe make me feel less mediocre with things I think I am lacking on. WAHOO!

Roan Boy

This little boy is turning into a really cool, independent, funny, and cute 2 year old. 
He got a newish Sea World Shamoo pencil box that he uses as a suitcase for some crayons, mini books, cars, and key chain. He seriously had the option to pick any toy but this one was what he wanted. Such a fully and practical kid. He looks like he is going to work when he carries it around the house. I think he plays Dad with it because often times I will hear him say something like, "I'm Home," as he plays with it. 
He count to 3 and loves to say GO! He also knows how to quack like a duck. :) 
We still love bath time. 

He calls Lars' new truck, the BUS. He loves riding in it and sometimes pretending to drive. 

He is growing so fast and is always jumping from one thing to the next. He really loved playing with other kids. At first he only wanted to play by himself but now anytime there are other kids he joins in. 
He does try to be independent too. He wants to do everything himself and use big people forks and not wear a bib. He used to hold my hand a lot but when he is feeling like a big boy he will try and hide his hand from me as if I would force it away from him. It is kinda cute. As independent as he acts he still loves to hug and cuddle which I love. 
We had dinner with some friends and he got to play their 3 year old daughter, Scarlet. 
They had so much fun together playing tag and hide n' seek. 
They even shared a meal together. 
This last picture is my favorite. Such goof balls. 
If they ever get married this is the first picture in their wedding collage. 

I love my boy so so much. It is a blast watching him grow but it is happening so fast. I can hardly keep up with logging all that he is doing. 

YW Activities

We have had a few fun activities I wanted to blog about. 
Last month we had a cook off with the rest of the Young Women and Young Men.
We made rainbow cupcakes
We won for most creative. 

Roan was super cute and waited patiently for a bite. 
Then we had a fun activity where we talked about modesty and wedding/prom dresses. That activity was followed by playing the Oreo minute to win it game. I still haven't figured out what modesty and Oreo's have in common so don't ask. All I know is that it worked out and it was lots of fun. 
Good times. 

Up To

We have been up to a lot lately. 
We sold my car and bought a truck. I don't have pictures of it yet. But Lars is in love. He loves going outside to work on it and has volunteered to help friends and family haul stuff. I am looking forward to camping trips and new ideas of car accessories for gifts for Lars. 
We went on a date to Color Me Mine. 
It was lot of fun, but a little pricey. We even went on a special discount night. 
Our final projects. Lars made the cookie jar and I made a mini appetizer platter. 
We have spent a few fun Saturday mornings at my brothers house. The men folk have been working on framing the basement while the ladies and kids have been playing outside. 

Yes the boys played darts when they were done swinging the hammer. 

In other awesome news my husband, Lars, did the same program I used to lose weight and get in shape. Here is his story. I started the program to lose a few pounds and get in better shape as health issues run in my family. Take Shape for Life helped me focus on the value of over all habits that effect my health. In two months I lost 32 lbs, 3.5 inches off my waist, and 3 inches off my chest. I gained the value of everyday habits and have now made health a daily progression.
SO proud of my hubby for reaching his goal. :) He was already super hot but now I really can't keep my hands off of him. :)