Sunday, June 10, 2012

Actors, Actresses, British Shows....BABY

SO I realize that a lot of my posts are all about Roan now. I can't help it that he is so dang cute and I need to document it for the world to see. This is how some of my long distant family and friends get to see him. I do still have an identity and will share that with you now and it will be baby free. 

Let's talk about actors. 
You know who I find to be the best action actor star ever. 
Jason Statham
Not only is he hot, he does most of his stunts, and is very charming on screen. Over the last year I have been watching every movie he in. That is a lot of Guy Richie movies. 

Let's talk about actresses...
I think that Katherine Heigl is probably one of the most beautiful persons ever. She looks really pretty and normal for an actress. By normal I mean she has some nice curves and seems down to earth. I love all the movies she is in and have seen most of them. But I still haven't seen Grey's Anatomy. 

Ya know what else I have been into lately. British shows! 
Thanks to Netflicks and Hulu Plus I have been watching the following:


The only thing sad about British shows is that they are only 6-7 episodes a season. This can be good because they cannot waist an episode on any "filler" story but it also leaves me wanting more. I highly recommend the above tv shows. Especially Downton Abbey, if you aren't on that bandwagon yet then there is something seriously wrong with you. Check them out. 

I am glad we had this blog and you got to see a little more of me that had nothing to do with my fun, loving, hilariously awesome baby boy Roan. Now onto the really good part of this post. 
Scroll below for more pictures of him


Growing in Front of the Mirror and on a Chair

I noticed that there are a few places I always take pictures of Roan. Today I took all those pictures and put them together so I can see how big Roan has gotten in the last few months. 


(This is actually the chair in the Mother's Room at church)

At times I think he looks like a completely different kid. He went from lump to boy and from a serious kid with a brow to a goofy smiley kid. Even though the changes are fast I love seeing him grow. 

Oh and on a side note.....
he has gotten bigger but I am getting smaller. I can fit into some of my prepreggo clothes now and 
hope to keep that change going. 

Feed Me Seymour

I am a hungry little boy. Let's eat Mommies hair....munch munch munch
Now lets eat this soccer ball.....num num num num
 I think I am ready for something more real and nutricious
Gimme gimme gimme

Yep. That is right. We are going to try having some solid food here in the next month or so. Wish us luck. 


In the last month we have experienced a few "firsts" for Roan.

First time being sick...kind of. 
After Roan had his four month shots a rash broke out on his back and face. However he seemed happy and content. Only difference to him was the rash and he slept more. We tried not to think anything of it. The next day the rash had spread to his entire body and he was very very warm. Yet still very content and happy. His temperature was taken throughout the day and it was steadily rising. We called our nurse and she told us to bring him in. At the time we thought it was either a heat rash or a reaction to the shots. When we took him in they found it was only a viral rash, like a cold but for your skin. LAME. Don't get me wrong. I am so glad it wasn't anything bad, but being a first time Mom I let myself get all worked up and worried over it so it was kind of a let down and a relief. I was actually more disappointed with myself for reacting the way I did. Next time I will do better. How he got it....we aren't really sure. It is only contagious through saliva. The rash went away after a week and he was none the wiser about it. He still smiled and played and acted normal. I love this kid for that.

Here he is being happy
It looks a lot worse in real like than in the picture, and that is not first time Mom talking :)

First hair cut....
I never would have guessed that I would be giving my kid his first hair cut at 4 and half months. I put it off for a long time because I loved his moppy hair. But it was getting out of control and would not style and he (and other kids...DANE) :) were starting to pull on it. So we trimmed it and it is already growing back full force. I kept almost all of it for his baby book. He is even blonder now as the edges of his hair were brownish like mine. Now he really looks like Daddy.

Almost looks like two different kids.

This is just the start of a whole new world of firsts. I hope I can handle them all with grace and ease. 

4 months

It has been 4 months and Roan is a Growin'
weight: 16 lbs
length: 27 inches
He started sucking his thumb. He still sucks his hand a lot. In fact he sucks any and everything. His face and hands are constantly wet and it is very cold and slippery when wet. We have started to call him Slimmer. His drooling has also kicked up a notch. He is soaking shirts and chewing on anything he can get his hands on. Yep. The teething process has begun. He has a few teeth we can see but they keep disappearing and reappearing.
Roan also likes to lick things still, it is really cute. However, he doesn't like to get licked. He got licked by a dog, a Boxer named Axel, in the face for the first time. It startled him a bit.

Roan is becoming a break dancer. He is all over the floor when he plays. He lays one way and the next minute he is facing a completely different direction. He has also started to roll from his tummy to his back. EEK! He is a wiggle worm and we can't leave him anywhere high without strapping him down. Speaking of tummy has become a tummy time champ and can lift his head up real high and sit on his elbows.
It is wonderful seeing him discover the world though his eyes. I can always tell when he finds something new as his eyes widen and he stares and then eventually smiles and talks to it. He loves to "people watch." Sometimes I wonder what he is thinking about as he watches things or people.
He is still a little chatterbox and a laughing man. He loves to be tickled and rough housed with Dad. His chattering has changed some and often time he is found talking to his toys or at nothing (I like to think he is talking to angels). Sometimes he moves his month in a talking fashion but nothing comes out. When he does go on his rambling he usually only has one volume...LOUD. He loves it when people talk to him. He starts to smile, his cheeks raise up, his eyes close, and then he wiggles his head and acts shy. If no one is talking to him then he will cough for attention.
Roan is easily startled at times and has a special whimper to express his discontent when he either hears a loud uncomfortable noise or if he is caught of guard.
He is grabbing everything. It is becoming a battle to change his diaper or get him dressed as he will grab and hold onto my hand and fingers while I am in the process. He will grab and pull on his feet and toes. He is very good at grabbing and pulling on my hair and Lars' arm hair. When we carry him around he is so strong. He will sit up and look around and hang onto our shoulders for grib while he hangs out to get a new view of the world.
He is sleeping through the night now, most of the time. It is the best. I love sleep and even though I still wake up to pee or check on him, I feel great getting more consistent sleep and he seems to like it too. Speaking of sleeping. My favorite part of the week is Saturday morning. Because when Roan wakes us up we all cuddle together as a family in bed and goof off. I look forward to it every week.And how does he wake us up, either by lifting up his feet and slamming them down on the best or by scratching the matress with his hands.
Overall, this kid is the best. He is seriously a geninuely happy kid. When he is wired he is funny because he will just talk and smile. He shows how pleased he is by how wide he opens his mouth. The wider it is the happier he is. His mouth is open and moving around a lot.
He does everything with his best friend Dane nowadays. I think he misses him when he goes more than a day without him. Seriously, he sleeps longer when Dane is not around. They actually talk and notice each other too. One evening Roan was whinning and Dane sat by him and listened and anytime Dane talked back Roan stopped talking and listened. I haven't a clue what they said but it helped settle Roan down and he was happier.
As for me things are pretty good. I finally feel like my tail bone is beginning to heal. My wrist is still sore but I have a brace I wear that is helping. I am back at work and the first 2 weeks were awfully hard. I tried working from home here and there and it was tough because I was there but I wasn't and it was emotionally draining. Now I have a pretty consistent schedule and that helps a lot. Anytime I am missing Roan I text my friend watching him and she sends pics. I have a million pictures of him posted around my work area. I admire them during the rough times of the day. I like being back to work and everyone knows that to get me talking all they have to do is ask about my little boy. I am extremely grateful for the ladies who help me with watching Roan while I am at work. I would still rather be at home playing with Roan but that will happen in its own time and in the mean time I am SUPER STEPHANIE!