Friday, March 23, 2012

2 Months

My little boy is 2 months old
Time is flying by and this little boy is not so little anymore
 Weight: 13 lbs and 9 oz=75th percentile
Height: 24.75"=95th percentile
Head Circumference: 40 cm=50th percentile

Blue Blue Eyes

I look back at his very newborn pictures and I cannot believe he is the same baby. Sometimes I forget how young he is and try to treat him like a toddler. Not only has his size changed but his noises have changed too. I had to go back and listen to a recording of his cry after birth to remember what that was like. 

His personality is developing and we can already tell that he is a little social bug. He loves to smile and coo and any friendly face. I had him in a full elevator the other day and he smiled at everyone as they talked to him. My favorite thing about his smile is that he smiles with his entire face, especially his eyes and eyebrows, smize's if you will. They move up and sparkle. He is absolutely charming and sometimes he tries to use it to his advantage. After we get him swaddled for bedtime he lays down the smiles. I think he does it so I will let him out and play some more, which I sometimes do (he has his Mom wrapped around his finger, good thing Daddy helps keep me in line even though Dad is eating out of his hand too at times). When we have more than two people in the room he prefers to face forward when being held so he can look at the person talking and move his head around the room. He also has a hard time going to sleep when he knows people other than his parents are in the room or a party is happening. He is afraid he will miss out on something. 
He hasn't been as picky about needing an immediate diaper change the moment he pees. His farts are very loud and one time he screamed upon farting and then laughed. Yes! My child laughs. It is mixed in with a scream/coo but the more he does it the more I am able to distinguish his laughs from coos. It pulls on my heart strings each time he does it. 

He is a little chatter box when he wants to be. Most often he is found talking in the morning just after eating, in his sleep, if he has someone to talk too, or if he has something to say and demands your attention. He still doesn't care for a pacifier but he does find it soothing to suck and chew on his hands. Maybe one day he will put his fist in his mouth. 
I think he has an imagination too. I had him sitting in his bouncy chair in the kitchen while I was cooking one morning and I could hear him playing with his hands. He started moving them around actively and laughing and as soon as I looked over at him he stopped and stared at me like I was interrupting his secret meeting and then he continued once I looked away. I guess he didn't want me in on it. LOL such a nut. 

He is almost sleeping through the night. The most I got to sleep at once was 7 hours, Yikes! It is averaging to 4-5 hours of sleep and he will only get up 1-2 times for feeding. Sometimes he will even fall asleep on his own, but most of the time he needs convincing. We are constantly telling him that everybody needs to sleep.

Pondering in his sleep

He is very strong. He can stand and sit up on his own with little to some assistance. He also can turn his head alot. He loves to fly (we hold him by his belly over our heads). He gets pretty fussy being on his belly for too long. But as one side of the back of his head is flatter than the other we are working on becoming a fan of tummy time and we are going to try and lean him on the non flat side more often. I am right handed so I found it easier to change his diaper and favored holding him on the one side. Per the doctor we will be giving the opposite side more time and his head will round out in no time. 
Roan with his sleepy friend Dane
Roan is such a talker he talked his friend to sleep ;)

Well that is pretty much what our little man has been up to.

To review.....
He likes:
-His hands
-Taking walks in the park with his friend Dane
-Exercising with Mommy
-Getting rocked and sung to sleep by Daddy
He dislikes:
-Too much tummy time
-Sleeping when there are people around

Funny things he is doing:
-Playing imagination with his hands
-Funny high pitched coos while he sleeps
-Screaming while farting
Comments from other people:
-Look at ALL that hair
-He is so strong
-Oh those eyes
-Someone looks happy
As for me:
-I have begun to regularly exercise WOOT WOOT! I hit the gym twice a week without the boy and it feels weird without him, but I love how fast I can go and how I feel afterwards. The other days I run in the park or do a workout video
-I have lost a few more pounds, but just a few, I am seeing the results around my waist more
-I feel amazing when I exercise
-Oreo shakes are my reward for good exercise and eating habits
-I can do lots of things in the dark during our night time feedings, like feeding, changing him and other fun stuff. Keeping it dark helps him go back to sleep easier.
-My tailbone is still sore but has healed some
-I am trying to use any down time I have to better myself spiritually. I am trying to read and listen to uplifting music and I am seeking for opportunities to serve.
-I have built up a tolerance for not sleeping and no longer need to take naps during the day. On average I get about 7-8 hours of sleep a night, granted it is broken up but sleep nonetheless.
-At the beginning of April I will make contact with my boss to discuss my options for returning to work (I hope to work from home but we will see, wish me luck)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Changes Through Time

This is how Roan went from being a baby to a man. I think I am going to try and post his weekly pictures every few months so I can keep track of his growth. It is amazing how fast they grow. 

A few days old 
1 Week 
 2 Weeks
 3 Weeks
4 Weeks 
 5 Weeks
 7 Weeks
8 Weeks

Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Thoughts from My Head

I have had a lot of random thoughts lately....

1) Cougar Town is such a funny show. It has brought us many things like, "PENNYCAN!", "WHAT WHAT!", &; "COME ON!" and much much more. I am super sad because I don't think this show is gonna make it. :( But it sure deserves a chance to continue on. At one point I thought about getting a PennyCan petition signed to send the executives. Guess I was too lazy to actually follow through on it. Enjoy the show while I can I guess.

2) I have two more goals to add to my bucket list. The first is to someday be in a workout video. The second is to someday be on Yo Gabba Gabba. :) I am trying to work out more again. It has been a slow process. I have needed to be more flexible with my schedule so though I may plan to workout one way I end up working out another way depending on the events of the day with the family. I have a gym membership, but until they get a day care I will go when I can. In the mean time I have been working out with my neighbor by jogging around our park and then having, "lift your baby" work out. LOL. As for Yo Gabba Gabba...I just think this show is cute and fun. I put it on while Roan is napping and I am puttering around the house and I like the songs and just think it would be rad to be on the show someday.

3) Raising Hope-I love this show. It is so funny and a feel good happy show.

4) Downton Abbey-Holy Cow! This show is awesome. I watched it with my mother in law and we burned through the two seasons in 5 days, each season is 7 episodes. I love it and I am going to watch it again soon.  Maggie Smith is my favorite character, she has the best lines and delivers them so well. This show is emotionally engaging and I just love it.

5) Baby Blues-I have had my run in with the Baby Blues and I really don't like them. Hormones Suck! Thankfully I have a very cool husband who is insistent that I share how I feel no matter how insane my feelings are. He is super awesome and helpful and doesn't let me go through it alone. I also have a really awesome friend and neighbor, Marly. We workout together each day and just talk all the baby blues out. It is nice having another woman to talk to about it. Which leads me to my rant here. I don't think I was as prepared as I could have been for the roller coaster ride my hormones have been going on. I know people told me to be prepared and books said just to be watchful, but that advice didn't even put a dent in what I really went through and in some ways am still fighting through. I feel like I should write a book about the subject. I just want other soon to be parents to know and be prepared because I don't think I was. There have been some friends that have come by the house and have asked about it and I have laid all my cards out on the table for them. I will glady do the same for you, readers, but it might be long so I think I will end this thought here and address this in its own post in the near future. . Just know that I am doing okay and I merely want to help others by providing them with information.

6) Roan is amazing and perfect. Though I do want more kids down the road if he is the only thing we do as far as kids I will be satisfied because he is the best.  I never thought I would be the parent that says their kid is perfect in everything they do, but I am and he makes me proud. I love him so much and cannot stop watching him grow and move and breath and EVERYTHING!

7) Music is awesome. Every morning Roan and I listen to various music during our a..m. routine. In the p.m. I try and do the same thing. I love how music makes me feel. The first few weeks after he was born I didn't listen to much music then I started to incorporate it and what a difference listening to music has made.

8) I really love the how Heavenly Father knows each of us individually and just puts us where we need to be. We had our ward conference this last Sunday and in Relief Society the Stake R.S. Presidency taught a beautiful lesson about families and teaching and preparing them for the future. I really enjoy the lesson and the spirit I felt.  I know that Heavenly Father has been really looking out for me and has his hand in so many things. So many tender mercies have been poured out on me and my family the last few months. I know He just knows me.

I have a tendcy to always try and be busy or productive. I used to gauge how good a day was by how much I accomplished. I still accomplish things, but they are on a difference magnitude now. In my last trimester they released me from my Stake calling in the Young Women's Presidency. I was sad because I loved the calling but also sad because it fulfilled that productivity itch I have. Usually when I am released from a calling I imediately get a new calling. This was not the case. That was in October and I am just now getting a new calling and it is March. However the Lord knew what he was doing. I needed a break from callings and I am glad I got it because things started to get crazy at work and there is no way I would have been able to handle everything that was on my plate. Then Roan came and still no calling, but same thing. I needed to just deal and adjust with my new changes without having to worry about a calling.

Then the 2nd Counselor flagged me down in the hallway one day at church. I was nervous because I was getting kind of lazy and loving it. He asked me if I would accept a temporary calling that will only last 2 months as the Ward Roadshow Stage Manager/Producer. Heck Yeah! Not only is it a cool calling that I will rock at, it will fulfill my theatrical itch that has been creeping up on me as of late. Plus it is a short calling that will only last 2 months so I can ease my way back into life again.

I feel like I am where I need to be in life and that the Lord has His hand in everything and for this I am truly grateful. I do have some worries about what the future holds for me in certain aspects of my life, but I know that God is looking over me and that He has a plan and I need to watch and trust Him. His love is perfect. Everyday I feel his love surrounding me and I know I can rely on Him.

Yep those are some of my thoughts as of late.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Roan's Blessing

Last weekend was such a special weekend. We had tons of family and friends come into town to help celebrate Roan's baby blessing. 

We made sure everyone got a chance to change Roan's diapers ;) 
Roan loved his Aunt Bonnie most of all and even Uncle Glenn got to hold him. 
 Lars brother is an X-Men by the way 
I love this pic because it has Roan's half smile smirk, so charming  
Here he is with all of his Grandma's
Grandma Barlow, Stark, and Madsen 
4 Generation picture, my Grandpa Nelson, Mom, Me, and my son :) 
Roan and his best friend Dane, they are holding hands with only slight assistance 
 Lars hates my cotoure model blue steel posing
On Friday we had a pizza party and also made Aebleskiver, a danish pancake dessert thingy. Really good. Lars father, Ivan, who is from Denmark got to gab in Danish with our friends Aaron's Dad who served a mission in Denmark. It was a fun evening.   
Dane's family also had him blessed  
The Mom's :)
Roan has the smirk again that I just love
 Our funny pic group shot
 The Madsen Family
 The Barlow Family
 The Stark Family
 The V-Town Family
The Man of the Hour :) He wore one of Lars old baby outfits
 Roan smiling for Grandma
 And then modeling his really cool Viking hat that my dear friend Karen got me
My parents stayed an extra day so we could continue the fun and play cards.

Thank you all for coming and we missed those that couldn't make it. 
I love our family and I am so happy we will be together forever. 

Muppet Monday The Elmo Love You Edition

I watched this documentary called Being Elmo. It is the story of Kevin Clash, the puppeteer for Elmo, and how he got in the business and how Elmo became what he is now. But this documentary was so much for than that. It was really fascinating and gave a deep behind the scenes look at puppeteering. It truly is an art form and Kevin Clash has the talent and was born to do this. At one point another puppeteer that he was training said, I am paraphrasing, "if only I could take Kevin's hands because he helps bring so much magic and life to the puppet in such a natural way." I really enjoyed watching it and would encourage you to check it out. It has a heartfelt message in the end. :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

1 month

 Our little guy is 1 month old. Yes this post is late. I don't have any stats yet but can I just say that this kid has already grown up so much. We weighed him at Lars work and he is 11 pounds. Everyone told me it would be fast and it was super fast. At first he was a lump but now he is a little wiggly boy and will soon be a man and run off to college, mission, and marriage. What I am I gonna do then? In the mean time I am making every moment count and just loving this guy to death. His personality is breaking through with each passing day. 
Caption: Roan-Check out these guns
Dane-Check out these cool moves
(Roan and his best friend Dane at 1 month.)

Other than a few growth spurts he is a great night time sleeper. The most sleep he gave me was 5 hours. WOWEEE! However sometimes getting him to sleep is the issue. He is his mothers son and therefore doesn't want to miss a thing. He takes 1 nap and sometimes 2 during the day, but for the most part he will try his hardest to stay awake so he won't miss anything fun happening. Once he is asleep he is down for a while and he is getting better at going back down after his 1-3 feedings at night. During the day he feeds like mad at times but for the most part it is every few hours. He is becoming very playful and fun. I am so happy and impressed that he is so social-able. I took him into Lars office and he had no problem being passed around and cuddled by everyone. He didn't fuss until his diaper was poopey and he got hungry. 

Parent Pay Day Story: We were visiting our neighbors and friends next door and they offered to watch Roan while I showered. I was gone for maybe 20 minutes. When I returned I walked in the room and Roan was swaddled and laying down. He opened his eyes and looked right at me, recognized me, and then smiled a "Hi MOM!" Smile. OHHHHHH my heart melted. I loved it and it brought me so much joy to know that he is recognizing me and happy to see me. It makes any late night or fussy time so worth it. 

He likes:

-His daddy & mommy.
-Playing with his Dad and being turned upside down.
-All of his Grandma's
-Playing with his friend Dane.
-Taking walks in the park.
-Music time.
-The swing-at first he didn't but then we made him sit in to fall asleep and now it is his friend. 
-The vibrating/rocking chair.
-Getting kisses.
-Bath time 
-His stroller
-His hands and arms
-Looking up at our stairs when we are holding him on our couch

Trying to style his hair

He dislikes:

-His pacifier, he won't take it often, if he does it is only for a minute.
-Being swaddled-This kid is seriously Houdini. We swaddle him, turn around for a second and TA DA, his hands are free. I bet if we chained him up and dunked him in a water tank after swaddling then he will still find a way to get free. The only time he doesn't fight back is when he just too tired. Funny that he is so cuddly but doesn't like to be swaddled. 
-Getting in and out of his car seat.
-In a stopped car. He will cry when we are at a red light but once he start moving again he stops crying. 
-Being hungry.
-Being sticky, anytime he has anything in his diaper he whines but we have to let him finish his business otherwise we will go through a million diapers a day. 
Finally swaddled and in his swing

Some funny things he is doing:

-He is a loud sleeper and eater
-In his sleep he will suck and open his mouth real wide as if he is sucking on something. He only sucks 1-3 times, guess he is dreaming of feeding on something really large.
-He makes some hilarious faces including a scowl, he is a thinker.
-He has what I call a mafia face that he makes.
-He also curls one side of his lips up, so cute. 
-He stretches like a super hero. He will puff out his chest and put both arms in the air over his head and his hands will be in fists. Sometimes he will only have one hand over his head and keep the other one close to his chest like he is flying. 

Comments from other people:

-Look at that hair. I can't believe a fair child has so much hair. (I am very proud)
-Everyone says he looks like his Dad.
-He is so big.
-He is so small.
-His eyes are so blue and big.
-He is very handsome.
-He is very loud.
-His fingers and toes are so long

As far as my recovery:

-I lost 25 pounds right off in the first month, but feel like I have plateaued now. I am walking a lot but will need to hit up the gym soon to feel more confident. I get it will take time.
-My stuff on the inside has returned to its place, I think, but my tummy is a bit loose still. 
-I could not believe the emotional roller coaster my hormones went on. This has been improving as my body has been healing. 
-I'm lucky to have a friend next door who keeps me sane.
-I am tired but think I am building up a tolerance for it. 
-I feel like I am always hungry.
-For two weekends I had trouble with dehydration/diarrhea/vomiting and ended up in Urgent Care. I am working on taking better care or myself to avoid having our family go through that again. 

I love being a Mom. Roan is great and Lars is amazing. Families RULE!!!!