Saturday, March 3, 2012

1 month

 Our little guy is 1 month old. Yes this post is late. I don't have any stats yet but can I just say that this kid has already grown up so much. We weighed him at Lars work and he is 11 pounds. Everyone told me it would be fast and it was super fast. At first he was a lump but now he is a little wiggly boy and will soon be a man and run off to college, mission, and marriage. What I am I gonna do then? In the mean time I am making every moment count and just loving this guy to death. His personality is breaking through with each passing day. 
Caption: Roan-Check out these guns
Dane-Check out these cool moves
(Roan and his best friend Dane at 1 month.)

Other than a few growth spurts he is a great night time sleeper. The most sleep he gave me was 5 hours. WOWEEE! However sometimes getting him to sleep is the issue. He is his mothers son and therefore doesn't want to miss a thing. He takes 1 nap and sometimes 2 during the day, but for the most part he will try his hardest to stay awake so he won't miss anything fun happening. Once he is asleep he is down for a while and he is getting better at going back down after his 1-3 feedings at night. During the day he feeds like mad at times but for the most part it is every few hours. He is becoming very playful and fun. I am so happy and impressed that he is so social-able. I took him into Lars office and he had no problem being passed around and cuddled by everyone. He didn't fuss until his diaper was poopey and he got hungry. 

Parent Pay Day Story: We were visiting our neighbors and friends next door and they offered to watch Roan while I showered. I was gone for maybe 20 minutes. When I returned I walked in the room and Roan was swaddled and laying down. He opened his eyes and looked right at me, recognized me, and then smiled a "Hi MOM!" Smile. OHHHHHH my heart melted. I loved it and it brought me so much joy to know that he is recognizing me and happy to see me. It makes any late night or fussy time so worth it. 

He likes:

-His daddy & mommy.
-Playing with his Dad and being turned upside down.
-All of his Grandma's
-Playing with his friend Dane.
-Taking walks in the park.
-Music time.
-The swing-at first he didn't but then we made him sit in to fall asleep and now it is his friend. 
-The vibrating/rocking chair.
-Getting kisses.
-Bath time 
-His stroller
-His hands and arms
-Looking up at our stairs when we are holding him on our couch

Trying to style his hair

He dislikes:

-His pacifier, he won't take it often, if he does it is only for a minute.
-Being swaddled-This kid is seriously Houdini. We swaddle him, turn around for a second and TA DA, his hands are free. I bet if we chained him up and dunked him in a water tank after swaddling then he will still find a way to get free. The only time he doesn't fight back is when he just too tired. Funny that he is so cuddly but doesn't like to be swaddled. 
-Getting in and out of his car seat.
-In a stopped car. He will cry when we are at a red light but once he start moving again he stops crying. 
-Being hungry.
-Being sticky, anytime he has anything in his diaper he whines but we have to let him finish his business otherwise we will go through a million diapers a day. 
Finally swaddled and in his swing

Some funny things he is doing:

-He is a loud sleeper and eater
-In his sleep he will suck and open his mouth real wide as if he is sucking on something. He only sucks 1-3 times, guess he is dreaming of feeding on something really large.
-He makes some hilarious faces including a scowl, he is a thinker.
-He has what I call a mafia face that he makes.
-He also curls one side of his lips up, so cute. 
-He stretches like a super hero. He will puff out his chest and put both arms in the air over his head and his hands will be in fists. Sometimes he will only have one hand over his head and keep the other one close to his chest like he is flying. 

Comments from other people:

-Look at that hair. I can't believe a fair child has so much hair. (I am very proud)
-Everyone says he looks like his Dad.
-He is so big.
-He is so small.
-His eyes are so blue and big.
-He is very handsome.
-He is very loud.
-His fingers and toes are so long

As far as my recovery:

-I lost 25 pounds right off in the first month, but feel like I have plateaued now. I am walking a lot but will need to hit up the gym soon to feel more confident. I get it will take time.
-My stuff on the inside has returned to its place, I think, but my tummy is a bit loose still. 
-I could not believe the emotional roller coaster my hormones went on. This has been improving as my body has been healing. 
-I'm lucky to have a friend next door who keeps me sane.
-I am tired but think I am building up a tolerance for it. 
-I feel like I am always hungry.
-For two weekends I had trouble with dehydration/diarrhea/vomiting and ended up in Urgent Care. I am working on taking better care or myself to avoid having our family go through that again. 

I love being a Mom. Roan is great and Lars is amazing. Families RULE!!!!

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