Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Thoughts from My Head

I have had a lot of random thoughts lately....

1) Cougar Town is such a funny show. It has brought us many things like, "PENNYCAN!", "WHAT WHAT!", &; "COME ON!" and much much more. I am super sad because I don't think this show is gonna make it. :( But it sure deserves a chance to continue on. At one point I thought about getting a PennyCan petition signed to send the executives. Guess I was too lazy to actually follow through on it. Enjoy the show while I can I guess.

2) I have two more goals to add to my bucket list. The first is to someday be in a workout video. The second is to someday be on Yo Gabba Gabba. :) I am trying to work out more again. It has been a slow process. I have needed to be more flexible with my schedule so though I may plan to workout one way I end up working out another way depending on the events of the day with the family. I have a gym membership, but until they get a day care I will go when I can. In the mean time I have been working out with my neighbor by jogging around our park and then having, "lift your baby" work out. LOL. As for Yo Gabba Gabba...I just think this show is cute and fun. I put it on while Roan is napping and I am puttering around the house and I like the songs and just think it would be rad to be on the show someday.

3) Raising Hope-I love this show. It is so funny and a feel good happy show.

4) Downton Abbey-Holy Cow! This show is awesome. I watched it with my mother in law and we burned through the two seasons in 5 days, each season is 7 episodes. I love it and I am going to watch it again soon.  Maggie Smith is my favorite character, she has the best lines and delivers them so well. This show is emotionally engaging and I just love it.

5) Baby Blues-I have had my run in with the Baby Blues and I really don't like them. Hormones Suck! Thankfully I have a very cool husband who is insistent that I share how I feel no matter how insane my feelings are. He is super awesome and helpful and doesn't let me go through it alone. I also have a really awesome friend and neighbor, Marly. We workout together each day and just talk all the baby blues out. It is nice having another woman to talk to about it. Which leads me to my rant here. I don't think I was as prepared as I could have been for the roller coaster ride my hormones have been going on. I know people told me to be prepared and books said just to be watchful, but that advice didn't even put a dent in what I really went through and in some ways am still fighting through. I feel like I should write a book about the subject. I just want other soon to be parents to know and be prepared because I don't think I was. There have been some friends that have come by the house and have asked about it and I have laid all my cards out on the table for them. I will glady do the same for you, readers, but it might be long so I think I will end this thought here and address this in its own post in the near future. . Just know that I am doing okay and I merely want to help others by providing them with information.

6) Roan is amazing and perfect. Though I do want more kids down the road if he is the only thing we do as far as kids I will be satisfied because he is the best.  I never thought I would be the parent that says their kid is perfect in everything they do, but I am and he makes me proud. I love him so much and cannot stop watching him grow and move and breath and EVERYTHING!

7) Music is awesome. Every morning Roan and I listen to various music during our a..m. routine. In the p.m. I try and do the same thing. I love how music makes me feel. The first few weeks after he was born I didn't listen to much music then I started to incorporate it and what a difference listening to music has made.

8) I really love the how Heavenly Father knows each of us individually and just puts us where we need to be. We had our ward conference this last Sunday and in Relief Society the Stake R.S. Presidency taught a beautiful lesson about families and teaching and preparing them for the future. I really enjoy the lesson and the spirit I felt.  I know that Heavenly Father has been really looking out for me and has his hand in so many things. So many tender mercies have been poured out on me and my family the last few months. I know He just knows me.

I have a tendcy to always try and be busy or productive. I used to gauge how good a day was by how much I accomplished. I still accomplish things, but they are on a difference magnitude now. In my last trimester they released me from my Stake calling in the Young Women's Presidency. I was sad because I loved the calling but also sad because it fulfilled that productivity itch I have. Usually when I am released from a calling I imediately get a new calling. This was not the case. That was in October and I am just now getting a new calling and it is March. However the Lord knew what he was doing. I needed a break from callings and I am glad I got it because things started to get crazy at work and there is no way I would have been able to handle everything that was on my plate. Then Roan came and still no calling, but same thing. I needed to just deal and adjust with my new changes without having to worry about a calling.

Then the 2nd Counselor flagged me down in the hallway one day at church. I was nervous because I was getting kind of lazy and loving it. He asked me if I would accept a temporary calling that will only last 2 months as the Ward Roadshow Stage Manager/Producer. Heck Yeah! Not only is it a cool calling that I will rock at, it will fulfill my theatrical itch that has been creeping up on me as of late. Plus it is a short calling that will only last 2 months so I can ease my way back into life again.

I feel like I am where I need to be in life and that the Lord has His hand in everything and for this I am truly grateful. I do have some worries about what the future holds for me in certain aspects of my life, but I know that God is looking over me and that He has a plan and I need to watch and trust Him. His love is perfect. Everyday I feel his love surrounding me and I know I can rely on Him.

Yep those are some of my thoughts as of late.


  1. Aww! So sorry about the baby blues. I was certain that I would NOT have it, but I ended up having a good 4 month run with post partum depression. NOT fun. Hang in there! Let me know if you ever need to chat or do a Taco Bell run or something!

  2. I had baby blues with my kiddos too..hang in there and call if you need a break cause I always need a break...oh and you would totally rock Yo Gabba Gabba..we used to be in a ward with a guy that makes it!!!

  3. Wow, great post!
    Sorry about the Baby Blues, but way to keep kicking their butt.

    I'm with you on CougarTown. LOVE that show. Don't want to see it go, but I think it's inevitable. And am I the only one that seems to be noticing that Courtney Cox is looking more and more plastic with each season break? She's getting scary.

    On the upside, have you seen Happy Endings? It MAY be slightly funnier than CougarTown. MAY. In a different way. Check it out.

  4. I've never been sure if I got the baby blues. I wouldn't be sad or depressed for very long. But the hormone roller coaster is crazy. Crying, happy, upset, exhausted, short tempered, endless patience ALL in the SAME day.

    Steph, I love you. I'm so glad you blog. Every time I read it it makes me happy.


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