Monday, April 27, 2009

A Golden Girl Gone But Not Forgotten-Thank you for being a friend!

One of my favorite actress passed away Saturday. Bea Arthur, one of the Golden Girls. I really liked her because she was tall and had a husky voice, like me while I was growing up. She was very talented and has won many awards and had a wide range of talent. I watched reruns of the Golden Girls a lot and just loved her character and how witty she was but very deep. At the end of every school year my High School choir would preform a themed show where we would sing bits and pieces of songs that had to do with the theme, like color or TV. One year we did a TV theme and sung famous TV show songs. I had all the lyrics to The Golden Girls show memorized and I got to play her character, Dorthy during our show. I mostly got the part because I was tall like her, but I am so happy and proud. She may be gone but she is not forgotten. Rest In Peace Bea Arthur May 13, 1922 – April 25, 2009.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Glenn's Visit

Lars' little half brother came to visit us for a whole week during his spring break. It was lots of fun having him. I guess you could say we were parents for a week, but we played a lot while he was here so I like to think we were big brother and sister for a week. He is 13 years old, but it very tall for his age so I kept for getting he was 13 until he spoke. :) He is into computers and video games so we spent a lot of time doing that with him, but we did find some time to get out and do other stuff. We took him to In n'Out for his first double double and then we played Lazer Tag. While I was at work Lars took him to Venice Beach. Then on Saturday we took him site seeing in LA at the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Chinese Theatre. It was a grand time. Thanks for visiting us Glenn. 

I like this one. He is so mysterious and hot!

This one is one of my favorites. Where the Hollywood sign?

"Gotcha' Suckers!!"
Name that movie??

Glenn and Lars outside the Observatory

Nobody walks on Chuck Norris! He walks on YOU!
One of my favorite shots of Lars being the big brother and teaching Glenn how to properly use chopsticks. 
Chinese Theatre

A really cool alley we found in LA off the walk of fame. There's a vintage record store in the back and an African store. 

And let this be lesson to all of YOU about how much fun YOU can have if you come and visit us. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shave and a Haircut

Well no new shaves, just a new haircut. So in February I got a drastic hair cut. Well maybe not terribly drastic, but for me it was. I have long hair and I was going to chop it off to medium length for a few reasons. 1) To take of what is left of the perm I got a year and half ago off and 2) To have a little change. But when I went to the salon the stylist convinced piratically begged me not to cut it off. She said that because I am so tall long hair works and short hair would make me look like a boy. Plus she said my hair is already beautiful and healthy. My color is very natural and lovely (it has natural streaks, way cool, my secret is just going out in the sun). She is a sweet Asian lady. She showed me a picture of what she wanted to do. It looked safe so I agreed. As she cut she added an Asian style twist to it. When she was done I wasn't sure that I liked it because the layers are really drastic and I like to blend my layers. But after a few days of playing with it and modeling in front of the mirror I decided that I like it. It frames my face on the front but is lusciously long in the back.

I know that it has been months since then, but I wanted to post some pictures. I have been waiting until I have had a good hair day and time to take pictures. I still have some perm left so most days I just let my hair do what it wants. Other days I actually take time to doll myself up. See below and enjoy. Feel free to serenade the blog with your ooooss and ahhhss or just some laughs.

This is my hair before the cut, long with some perm left.

Viola! Here it is styled with a straightener after the cut.

Font view. See how it frames my face. From here you might think,
"OH NO! Where did her hair go?"

Don't worry. Its here in the back!

Here I am with a flip curled style

I think my signature or strong part of my face is my side because I am always turning to the side for pictures. If I were to be on Next Top Model then I would have to show more variety or get kicked off.

Here it is slightly curled
Here it is very curled
I think it looks better when I actually style it as opposed to just wash and wear, but most days I would rather sleep inn for those extra 20 minutes. Change is good, new hair new me. Or same me but with bouncier hair. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am going to blow off some steam here...

Man, being a manager is tough sometimes. The one thing that I have learned recently, the hard way unfortunately, is that NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. I try to be nice and bend the rules and it totally back fires. SO no more. Know the rules, follow and enforce them. I have learned and I know now how to handle stuff like this and I hope I never allow things to get this bad again. Man, it is only Wednesday and I have already grown two layers of thick skin. I cannot wait for this work week to be done. I cannot wait for this season of bad economy to get better. People need to stop taking stupid pills and value the jobs they have. GURRRRR!!!

Thanks for listening to my vent.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

St George Getaway

Beautiful Blossoms in St George

A few weeks ago we went to St George for the weekend to hook up with some friends and to see Lars' family. It was a lot of fun and very pleasant. Some little vacations have spurts of fun and the high from those spurts ends fast, but this trip was a constant steady mood of fun and relaxation. We arrived Friday and had dinner with Lars' parents, then his Mom and I watched Mama Mia. Pretty cute. We stayed up late talking, Lars lost his voice the first night because he was still getting over some weird sickness that didn't seem to be a flu or cold just something. Saturday Lars and Dave went golfing while Andrea and I shopped. Then we had lunch and one of my favorite places Village Inn. I miss that place so much. California has a similar place called Bakers Square, but it isn't the same, maybe because it lacks our friends :). Then we went on a hike and just enjoyed each others company. Afterwards we relaxed at Dave and Andrea's condo with a movie and conversation. It was so fun to hang out with them. Thanks guys. 

On top of the world!

Aren't we super cute together

A cool pic Lars took

Us with our friends Dave and Andrea Wisenbeck, one serious one goofing off. 

Sunday I went on a long walk with Lars' Dad and then surprise! One of Lars' cousins dropped by with his family for a visit. Travis and Esther whom we haven't seen for a few years. They have beautiful kids. We got to hang out with them. We also part took in doing two 1000 piece puzzles which are very addicting and hard to get pulled from when you feel like you are so close to finishing when in reality you are far away.  

Two of their girls. Those cheeks are so cute! They were really fun kids and had some funny things to say as kids usually do. 

Travis and Esther Wolfe and their girls

Monday we got up and had German pancakes for breakfast then headed home. We made great time coming home and then we unpacked and relaxed. All in all a wonderful trip. 

Lars and his Mom and Dad (Bev and Rich)


A few months back we went to Laguna Lake. This is what we found there. Enjoy!