Thursday, September 15, 2016

Labor Day Send Off to Summer

Labor Day a send off to summer and Hello to Fall. I love the Fall and cannot wait!!!
We celebrated by taking a bike ride, swimming and BBQ at my parents house. 

The kids are watching the end of Back to the Future, it was pretty funny to see them react. 

Oh my goodness. Roan started preschool!!! He LOVES it so much. He talks about it all the time and is so curious about everything. He shares the songs he learns there with me and we try to sing them. Most of the time I have to google them because he can't remember the whole song or the title so he tells me apart of it and then we figure it out together. I love watching him learn and grow. He told us that on the first day he sat and listened. WOW!!
Our Daycare helped celebrate his first day of preschool with Subway. It was sweet. 

Summer Visitors

All at once it seemed like we had a lot of friends and family in town. 
Lars' sister and her family came and we played with them lots. We went to Ikea and seriously spent 3-4 hours there just goofing off and shopping too. 

Everyone loved taking a turn with Liv but I think Dave was her favorite. 

We also celebrate Lars' Dad's birthday

Then we celebrated his other Dad's 80th birthday
Then my dearest friend Karin and her family came into town. I loved having her come. Our kids played so well together and it was fun to just chat, reminisce, and swap Mom notes. 

We were quite the trio back in the day. Lets be honest we still are!!!!

Caught on snap chat

Love you girl!!!!

Fathers Day & Summer Fun

Just some fun pics of Father's Day weekend and other fun stuff. 

We gave Lars a Star Wars Father's Day
BB8, light sabers, and Yoda eggs

We caught Roan eating on the couch, something he isn't allowed to do  yet, so we made him clean the couch. HAHA Lesson learned, (we hope)

Love this kid!!

1st Camping Trip 2016-Manti Canyon

Our first camping trip of the year was in May. We went to Manti Canyon. The weather was wonderful. Not too hot and not too cold. A little wet at first but it dried up. It was our first time camping with two kids. I listening to funny podcast before going about people who ran into weirdos while camping. We were the only ones camping for most of the time so I was freaked out that we were going to run into weirdos or one of the kids was going to get kidnapped by a mountain lion. I did relax and have fun but I kept my guard up most of the time. 

Taking the trailer out for the first camp of the season is always stressful. We forget how careful we need to be until something almost happens. In this case it was climbing up the wet mountain. We made it safe and were able to get down safe also. 

This should be a Ford commercial based off the pics. LOL

We did a lot of coloring this trip. We would play some music and everyone would sit there coloring and talking. It was super relaxing and sooooo much fun. 
And of course we always have a train of laundry after camping. YAY adult life. :) But seriously I love camping with my family. We have a blast and it is nice to get away. Plus food just taste better camping but we didn't get any pics of that this time.