Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Still Got It!

Fun Story

Friday afternoon I was walking into one of my clients offices from the parking lot. There was a gentleman a few feet in front of me that had just come out of the building. He was looking at his phone and looking around. He had bright green shoes on and will further be know as "G". As I got closer to the building he stopped me and had a conversation that went like this:

G: Excuse me, are you from this area?
Me: Umn yes.
(I thought he was lost and going to ask for directions)
G: Well, I just wanted to tell you that you have a very nice and beautiful smile.
Me: Why Thank you! (I am flattered)
G: What do you do for a living?
Me: I answered blah blah blah.
G: That is great. Where did you go to college?
Me: In Utah
G: Well I went to blah blah blah and I am a skate boarder blah blah blah.
(I know I am a super listener, actually I cannot remember all that he said)
Me: Well that's cool.
G: So I was wondering if you wanted to get coffee sometime...
Me: HUH?!? What do you mean?
G: Ya know like maybe some lunch or dinner...with ME?

By this point I didn't even give me his name so I still had no idea who I was even talking too.

Me: Oh WOW, well thank you, but I am very married.
G: Oh that's okay. I just thought I would ask.
Me: Well that is kind of you and brave of you to just go for it. Way to be! Ya never know right?

I proceeded to tell him about how I didn't tell my high school crush that I liked him until my senior year. Even though the crush rejected me I felt stronger because of it.

When I told Lars this story he laughed and then explained that I probably made it awkward for the guy by patronizing him. I of course didn't mean to. I just wanted him to be proud for being brave. Actually, when I worked in that building I was getting hit on at least once a week by vendors. I am not a flirty kind of person. I am friendly and I think that a lot of guys take my friendliness as flirting. Well, those guys are wrong. My happy and perky personality may attract suiters, but I am very very happily spoken for.

Interesting enough I remember what I was thinking about while smiling the smile that got this compliment from "G" and the above conversation. I was thinking about Lars and how much I love him and love being with my friend. Guess my cutest smiles are when I am thinking about the ones I love and if that smile gets me into trouble then I will never be safe. :)

I thought it was such a cute and funny experience. I remember the first time I was hit on after I was first married. I thought to myself, "Yep, I still got it!" I guess after almost eight years of marriage I still have it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Open Mind Leads to a Devoured Tomatoe

As a child I hated tomatoes. I remember one time my Mother had me stand over a sink and take a bite of a tomato in an attempt to show me that tomatoes aren't that bad and they taste good. Well I took a bite and spit it out as quickly as it went in. At the time i vowed never to eat tomatoes again and from that day forward I picked them off sandwiches and scooted around them on my plate. I did the same with olives, pickles, and onions.

6 months ago or so I started a quest to improve my healthy eating habits. As apart of this I made a condition for myself that if there is something healthy on the plate I will eat it. Granted, I try to eat healthy, the main purpose of this condition was so I didn't remove healthy food when it was put before me, say at a restaurant or at someones house. This has mostly been the case in salads, there are always tomatoes in salads. WHY?! The first few times I quickly gobbled it up so I wouldn't have to chew and taste it. After a while I actually started to taste and savor them with the meal. And ya know what? Tomatoes aren't that bad. Most of the times they compliment the dish and they make sandwiches all the more tasty. Now I don't live in regret from having never liked tomatoes. I don't think my taste buds were ready for them. And they still aren't my favorite food, but if they are there then I will eat them instead of dancing around them.

I also had the same issue with the color pink. I liked pink when I was little. I grew up on "Hand Me Downs" and my sister went through a pink phase so naturally, a few years later, all of those clothes became mine. Then in Middle School I was made fun of for wearing pink too much. (Yep, kids can be cruel.) I wasn't wise enough not let other kids bother me yet, otherwise I would have worked it with those pink outfits and did a runway walk down the hall. After that experience I hated pink and vowed never to wear it again and just got used to not having pink in my wardrobe and never put much thought into it. After high school I gave certain outfits exceptions to the color pink, but I was still a stickler. Over the last few years I have pretty much come to adore the color pink. I love it when my friends and family have baby girls cause then I can buy them pink clothes. Someday I will have a daughter and she will be dressed in pink from time to time, but it will be a strong pink.

Does this mean i am growing up more? Possibly. I think that my perception of tomatoes and pink are changing because I let myself open up to the idea of eating and wearing them. It is amazing what things can change in my mind if I just allow myself to open up and not be so strong headed or closed minded. I am sure I am still picky about other things, but let's take it one step at a time now. Tomatoes today and onions in 5 more years.

Muppet Wednesday OOPS!

So Monday was a holiday and I was having a fun day off of work and didn't even turn on my computer or think about Muppet Monday until today. So here ya go.
The Muppets have taught us how to cook or what not to do while cooking. See it how you will and enjoy.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stephanie's Oscar Picks

I have been posting a lot of video and photo only blogs. I need to actually write stuff.

The Oscar's are this Sunday. I know that some years are better than others, but all in all, I like the Oscar's. I love to see the dresses, hear the speeches, and the goofy entertainment by the host(s). I think it if fun, not because someday I want to be there, though that would be nice, but I get that most of these people work hard and in some cases sacrifice a lot to obtain this form of fulfilment and this is an opportunity for recognition and celebration. It all pays off after all the blood sweat and tears. Some of these people strive for it. Other's just love what they do and want to express themselves through the various art forms and someone (the Academy) appreciates and recognizes it and that is pretty cool.

Not all of my favorite films made it to the Oscar's so I am going to be my own Academy and tell you what I liked about 2010 movies. I didn't see every movie that came out. But I did see a lot of movies and am always open to see more. If you have a recommendation that is not already on the list then let me know and I will check it out.

Worst Movie-Clash of the Titans
Seriously an awful movie. I saw the old version when I was a kid, but the new version had no depth to anything and was very meh. I know when I give movies my money it will always be a gamble, but this is one of the only movie in a long time that really made me want to get my money and 2 hours back.

Best Action Movie-Kick Ass
Great story, acting, funny, and totally unexpected story line.

Best Video Game made Movie-Prince of Persia-The Sands of Time
I love Jake and found this movie to be completely entertaining.

Best Action Romantic Comedy-Killers
I love Katherine and this movie was charming.

Best Romantic Comedy-She's Out of My League
Great story and loved the acting and the awkward situations the main character went through. No matter how cool or nerdy you are, everyone can connect to what he felt.

Cutest Movie-Despicable Me
The voices were done so well. The story was nothing but adorable and left me feeling so happy.

Best Comedy-The Other Guy's
I laughed so hard in this movie. Hilarious story and great acting, especially Will Ferrel's
ab-lib about fish hunting his partner down.

Most Original and Awesome-Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Wow. Everything about this movie was so neat. It had great dialogue, effects, and was just so cool.

Best Magical Movie-The Sorcerer's Apprentice
This was Jay Baruchel's year. He was in a lot of my favorite movies. This movie was creative and fun. Though the story was simple, it was enjoyable.

I didn't pick a Best Drama yet. I know I saw some, but can't remember any that moved me enough to give it the award. So better luck next year drama's.

By the way, I do own all of the above movies by the way, I only buy good movies too.

Honorable Mentions:
Easy A,
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,
Gulliver's Travels,
and Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Drum Roll Please

Best Movie of the Year is....
How to Train Your Dragon
It was amazing. It was an original story, funny, had a little romance, well acted, awesome animation, and it looked AMAZING in 3D. I bought it the day it came out on bluray and have since watched it many times. In fact, I think I will go watch it right now.
Blog Post Ended...

What were your picks of the year?

P.S. I have had my Oscar dress picked out since I was young, should the opportunity ever come up. I would make it more modest on top and maybe play with the color, but I think it is beautiful and love love love the style.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Muppets: Ode To Joy

Muppet Monday!!

I wanted to find a Valentines Muppets Special, but the one I found from 1974 was too long, so you can look that up on your own. For today's Muppet Monday we give you Beaker. The Muppets teach us Classical music and how creative we can be in how we perform music.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Muppet Monday ~ Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster

Despite how long Muppet's have been around they are very good at keeping up with political events and pop culture references. The recent Old Spice commercials have definitely become a pop culture reference. So much that one time I was in a movie theatre and one of their commercials came on and EVERYONE began to cheer and then quickly silenced to listen to the commercial and then once ended cheered some more. No joke, it really happened. Leave it to the Muppet's to spice up the commercial and make everyone long to smell like a monster and of course laugh.

Muppet Mondays

I am very excited to announce that another Muppet Movie shall be made.
(this is old news to some, but if you didn't know before, you know now)

I am so excited and even more excited because this guy has a big hand in the project
Jason Segel

You may remember him from Freaks and Geeks, or
Laugh your eyes out weekly from How I Met Your Mother, or
Saw him in I Love You Man which was voted best movie of 2009 by STARS (Steph n' Lars), or
Heard him in Despicable Me,
or recently fell in love with him again in Gulliver's Travel.

In honor of this movie coming out I propose that we make every Monday from now until it's release date, November 23, 2011.....
A day on which I will feature a short video or story about the Muppet's for your enjoyment. There are so many Muppet things to choose from and I am sure The Muppet's have touched and inspired so many lives as they have done mine. SO let the Muppet Monday Celebrations begin....!