Monday, June 18, 2018

Roan's Soccer Season

This was Roan's first year of soccer. It was a lot of fun and we all learned a lot. I love being a soccer Mom, though some of the scheduling stuff was pretty tiring near the end. He made a lot of new friends and learned how to play the game and be a good sport. 

Grandma and Grandma Madsen

Grandma Stark and cousins

Liv was fun to entertain during the game and practices.  

 His team

 Roan always volunteered to throw or kick the ball in

Grandma Barlow 

We are so cute 

We are so proud of Roan. 

Kids Growing!!!

These kiddos are just growing and growing. Here are some photos that range from January to June 
Playing in Mom and Dad's bed while I fold laundry

This girl loves to belt out songs. I want to buy her a microphone. 

"Cop Musician" ~Roan

Snow man Blob

Valentines Day goodies
Hair style time with Mom. Liv whispers your so pretty when she plays with my hair. She is also really loud when we watch tv because she is repeating everything the actors say. One time we watched a show about Hello Kitty and the entire time she kept saying Kitty, more kitties!!! I don't even think I heard any of the actual show. LOL

We bought snowshoes this year
Liv painting her nails with water. 

Roan losing some teeth AND looking handsome

Playing with our crowns

I did some exercise videos and Liv was doing her interpretation. LOL

These kids are amazing!!!

On Memorial Day we went to Boondocks just to play in the arcade. 

We took Roan and his Mom to see the new Solo movie. 

Bang twins
We took the kids to the Gateway Muesum

Roan lost more teeth. His two front teeth
Liv getting a ride from her Panda
Roan got a new taller bike. He had to take it out a few times to get comfy and now he is back to riding with pedals.