Monday, September 25, 2017

A Leg Up

We've danced this dance before

Sad Day. Liv tripped and then tumbled and fractured her leg. 
 Front View

 Side View
 Look at that cute chubby leg. 
 So sad. 

 A splint
 The doctor was probably one of the best doctors ever. He was kind and took the time to talk to me and follow up. He was nice enough to compliment me for keeping it together. Little did he know I cried on the way there and once I left the office. LOL 
 Getting confident and comfortable with moving around 

 We upgraded to a cast. It is much better and we feel more secure letting her run wild, at least as much as she can. 

4 weeks with the cast then she should be good to go. :) 

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Grand Weekend

Lars went to a guys camping trip. I had a super fun weekend planned with the kids and I. 
 I had the kids get their flu shots. Afterwards we had dinner at Arby's. Roan got to eat his first Beef n' Cheddar. He said, "It's not good...its SUPER GOOD!" 
He has legs for days...

 We were sure to relax around the house a lot. I planned fun stuff but I feel like the most fun we have is just sitting around the house and playing. I enjoy listening to the kids play together and interact. 

 I love this pic because it looks like she is holding the camera. LOL

We went on a fun walk/hike near our house. 

 Roan wanted a pic with the "forest".

 We found these gems on the walk.
We got our craft on. Roan had to wear a painting hat and apron.  
 I LOVE wood creations. We will most definitely do more of this. 

Liv wanted a pic with her baby and blanket.  
 I adore having a daughter to dress up. Liv doesn't mind it too much. Most of her updos don't last more than a few hours we have to record them early. She looks darling Sunday with her hair, dress, and shoes. 

Liv is this babys Mommy. She does good to take care of her. One time I put Liv to bed and her baby doll was on the other side of the crib. I heard Liv say, "Get over here baby." LOL 
Roan drew me a pic of us and then a pic of the ninja warrior course. LOL 

We did lots of baking. 

We ended the weekend at the park. 
This weekend was so much fun and memorable. I love being with my kids. When they went to bed I was nice to myself and got some Stephanie time. I watched lots of movies (Beauty & the Beast, Sully, The Crown Series, The Peanuts Movie, Hacksaw Ridge) and snacked and tried not to worry about the mess around me. Its a good thing to practice self love with time for yourself. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Kids Growing Up

Liv is getting bigger and, brave, and more talk-a-tive. She repeats everything anyone says, it is stinking adorable. When we say the prayer she will repeat what we say in her own language. She is very good at responding to questions. She appreciates it when we are verbal with her and explain what we are going to do next rather than just doing it. She doesn't like being surprised when we just start changing her clothes versus telling her and verbalizing that we are going to change her clothes.

We are going to get her in sports. She loves balls and is very good at throwing them. 
She loves to put stuff on her head
 She loves to wear jewelry
She loves to growl and make lots of silly noses and shush people
She is observant and good and communicating
most of her communication is via laugh. She has a nervous laugh, I'm hungry laugh, I want that laugh, I am tired laugh.

LOVES cantaloupe and grapes so much that her poop smells fruity
When she is running she is up to something

Liv loves animals. It is so fun to watch her interact with them whether they are real or on tv or a stuffed animal. She LOVES them and I love to watch her imagination go wild with them.

 At her 18 moth appointment and weighs 24 lbs and 12 oz and is 31 inches long.

Funny story about Liv. She is really good at climbing and helping herself to things and doing both at the same time. One day I was cooking spagetti and setting the table as the food was ready. I turned my attention back to the stove and I could hear Liv moving around. A minute later I heard her saying, HMMMMMM, HMMMMM! I turn around and she had climbed onto the table and started digging into the bowl of cooked spagetti. I laughed!

Roan likes to ask a million random questions still
How does a sheep say....ahhhhhhh cheeeewwww?
How do penguins rub their eyes when they get water in them?

Tried to teach him the song bingo and he sang it
lingo in the name of Jesus Christ

He is so friendly and smart and says the darnedest things...
"I don't want to go to church. Can't we just listen to conference"
"Can I help you with your personal time?"

He is incredible tall for his age. he is the size of a 8 year old.

Roan has gotten really creative and good at building things with little Legos. He has a book with step by step directions that he uses but he also experiments and changes the design to make it his own. I love seeing him learn and be creative.

One day I took the kids to the donut shop and decided not to tell them where we were going. Roan realizing that we weren't going straight home inquired, "WHERE ARE YOU TAKING US?' Like I just kidnapped him. I told him the long way home, He then responded, "I don't want to go the long way, we either have to go on an errand or you have to turn around now. You aren't turning around. Where are we...(him recognizing the donut shop) are we going to get DONUTS!!!!"
So funny!

Pictures from the last 3-9 months.

I can't leave her alone for a second

She fell asleep on the basketball. Oh and she can say the word...Basketball. 

She is making guys work for her already. LOL

Rearranging furniture
I love them so much

Silly girl

Don't drive drosey

had to have a bath with brother when she fell into the tub while he was bathing. She was throwing in his dirty laundry.
Progerssion of pigtails 

Roan at the dentist

They are holding a pic of me when I was their age
Temper tantrums

She loves horses
Roan wants us to take pics of all his creations. This one is a family of trees. 
Mario playland 
A record player
Liv @ 18 Months

Grandma Anderson and Liv comparison

She loves pushing her dolls around
She loves her Sunday shoes

That tongue. Always getting her feet wet. LOL

Cow Appreciation Day

We need to get her a purse

Its like overnight she looked like a little girl and not a baby. And of course Roan just keeps sprouting.

We taught her to not carry her drink around the house so she leaves it on the edge of the kitchen.

Liv in nursery

Roan with more of his creations
Liv and her blanket are tied at the hip

Roan has been into taking pics for himself. 

I love these crazy kids. I wish time would slow down. Until then I just try and document it.