Monday, January 15, 2018

Sick Weekend

The first full weekend of January and we were all home sick with a stomach bug. It was really fun to be forced to relax. The kids were so good and allowed us time to just sit and try and feel better. We managed to have some fun in between trips to the bathroom. LOL 

I love this pic so much!!!

And this one!!!!

Roan styled his hair all by himself. He is becoming so independent these days. 
Liv took all the books out of her cubby but it gave us an hour of quiet time. So WORTH IT!!!

Liv 2nd Birthday

Liv Joy Barlow celebrated her 2nd birthday!!!!!

I love her so much. I am so happy she is apart of our family. She has a personality all her own. She is loving, observant, and silly. She is very active and is always finding things to climb on or jump from. She also swallowed legos for the first time. They were the small round ones and passed easily. YAY for firsts with the second child! She is really picky about what she is wearing. It is kind of funny and annoying. She cries when we put clothes on her but won't make a decision when given the choice of what to wear. She loves to talk and repeat everything we say. She has her own little language and as a family we work together to decipher what she is saying. She loves to eat but if it is something she doesn't want to eat she punches it away or throws it on the ground (we are working on this). She is the little mother of the house. She loves to play with her baby, horse, color, and cars. When she gets excited she shakes her little arms while holding her hands in a fist. I adore her and enjoy watching her grow and change. She is growing up so fast I really try hard to watch her often and soak in all the wonder she is. 
These are her stats
33.5 inches long
We had a fun pancake breakfast

We had her blow out two candles on her pancake but I don't think we got video or pics of it. She tried to touch them but I helped her blow them out before she could burn herself. Then she wanted to play with the candles. LOL 

We went to church and then I took some cute photos of her while she was dressed up. 

Roan got in on the action too. ;) 
This is her favorite blanket
A few days before her birthday we had a little party at Artic Circle. She loves going down slides so much. It was nice and simple and perfect. We had family meet us there for dinner and then we had cookies and sang to her. All she wanted to do was play so we let her slide to her hearts content. 

Her face while we sang to her. 

This is her favorite outfit. She seriously stays in this outfit most of the weekend, she will sleep and play in it and then cry when I take it off. 

We love you LIV! 
Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Ringing in the New Year!!!

Our New Years plans were very simple this year. Most of our friends were sick or out of town so we decided to stay home and hang out as a family. I wanted the holiday to be special so we made it awesome. 

We dressed up and rang in the new year! (YAY Netflicks kid count downs)

We played Dance Dance Revolution

We made homemade sushi

I was in the mood for appetizers so we had egg rolls, mozzerella sticks, and chips and dip. 
Liv brushing her teeth with her new birthday pjs. 

This was the next day but check out the moon. It was huge!!!
Look at this I am already starting some new habits for the New Year by writing down some goals. 
New Years was quiet yet awesome. I love spending time with my little family!!!