Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sam I Am

So our friend Sam from Orem, UT is living in L.A. for a few months doing a few internships for various studios. We had him over for dinner and found out that he has not done any touristy things yet. So we kidnapped him and took him to a few of our favorite hot spots.

We are pretending to be Super Hero's too.

Then we pretended to break into the WB studio tower.
The Animaniacs live there. :)

Sam was daring and stood on the rail and in the water. Security was a few feet away, but we were super fast. They didn't know what hit them. MUAAHAHAHAHA
Griffith Park
View of Los Angeles

Hooray for Fun!

This is Halloween....

And other Fall Festivities
Making Carmel Apples
Checking out the Carnival across the street with our awesome neighbors, the Christensen's.
We shared a funnel cake. YUM! It was my first and hopefully not the last.
Dressing up like a trucker
(those are pillows...not his real gut)
Having a silly time
And digging for things
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Bee Sharps Vacation

Our dear friends, Brandon and Melissa Carter, came to California to vacation with us for a whole week and help celebrate Lars' 30th Birthday. The fun was immediately started when they were welcomed by Disneyland fireworks that we could see on the drive home from the airport. Brandon rolled down his car window and cheered with much celebration. The fun was only getting started. We went to Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles Temple, Universal Studios, and the Adventure Pirate Dinner Theatre.

Can I just say that Universal Studios and the Pirate Dinner were amazing and are probably my most favorite thing to do in Southern California. Skip Disneyland people and go straight to those and believe me you won't regret it. Lars and I have an annual pass to Universal Studios and plan on visiting monthly, yep, its that awesome. The last show of the day we saw there was the Water World show, the coolest show. After the show the actors came out and we got pictures with them. These were real television and movie actors too, they were so nice and down to earth. People from True Blood, CSI New York, Law and Order, Miss Congeniality, and more. It was amazing.

In between all that there was much reminiscing and laughter.Then while Lars and I were at work, Brandon and Melissa visited Disneyland and in the evenings we gathered together to play. There was a massive heatwave during there stay so we played a lot in doors, either way it was fun because we were together and when you are with your friends hot weather doesn't matter because together you keep it real and stay cool. We even got to have our reunion tour and play some Rock Band.

For Lars's birthday we met up for dinner with more friends at The Market Broiler, one of our favorite fish and sushi places. Then we headed to Vegas for more adventure and The Amazing Jonathan Show. It was hilarious and awesome. Lars got to go on stage for almost half the show. He thought I had planned it, but it was all by chance and it was the best. I can tell Lars was having the time of his life. You can read more about his experience here. We went to the Canal Street, at The Orleans casino, and had THE BEST steak I have ever had in my life. All the food was amazing and melted in my mouth, seriously it was an orgasm for your mouth. We did a lot of exploring and picture taking. My theme for most of the pictures was "jumping". I tried to jump in every shot and I did good. I watch next top model and have learned a thing or two about posing. I will be a star someday, you just wait.

Anyway, the vacation with our dear Utah friends was amazing and we loved it and cannot wait to do it again. Thanks Brandon and Melissa for coming to see us. California misses you and so do we, so come back soon.

I made a slide show of some of our favorite pictures watch for the amazing "jumping" shots.

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What a Week Part 3

I ended up taking Friday off to take care of Lars, but also to take care of myself and get "Me" sorted out. Let me tell ya, I am feeling so great now. I dealt with the weird week of emotions and I am loving how I am feeling. Things have been put into perspective and I am seeing things differently now and know where I have been and where I am going. I am where I am supposed to be and I love me. Life is good! In fact I feel so good, that if my life were a movie something bad should be coming next, that is how good I feel. I am on my way to more great things, even though the road ahead may be hard. I am still going to be smiling. Right now I am in heaven!

What a Week Part 2

Then when I got home I watched a lot of Muppets to make me laugh and lift my spirits. This one was my favorite.

What a Week Part 1

So this week was filled with all sorts of emotion. Work was tough to get through and Lars was very sick all week so I was going to and from work by myself. When things are crazy it makes my mind race and sometimes over think lots of things. Most of those things I shrug off as being over emotional, but other thoughts I have I really try to sort out and learn from. On the long drive home Thursday I listened to Natasha Bedingfield. Her music is very soothing and her lyrics put various thoughts I have been having into perspective. Plus she has a beautiful voice. Her song Wild Horses was on of the favorites of the drive home.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lucky #7

Lets play catch up on my blog....ready....set....GO!

In August we celebrated our 7th Anniversary. To celebrate we went to an authentic German Restaurant for dinner. They treated us like royalty. It is a fabulous family owned restaurant and they make everything from scratch and have their own butcher. The food was amazing. It is a quiet, little hole in the wall restaurant called Jagerhaus. The portions are huge and both breakfast and dinner are delicious. It is one of the top three restaurants I take my visitors too (I will reveal the other two in another blog some other time).

Then we went to San Diego for the weekend. It was my first time there and probably the furthest south I have ever been. We had an amazing time. We went to Old Town, the San Diego Zoo, Gas Lamp District, Seaport Village, the Temple, and the Mormon Battalion Museum. We also ate at this amazing sushi place called Sushi Deli #2, it was the longest line I ever waited in for sushi, but it was worth it. I think the Zoo and the Mormon Battalion Museum were my favorite. I saw animals I have never seen before and there was so much fun stuff to do. I even got a few stuffed animals to bring home. The Battalion Museum was so awesome. They took us on a historic tour and it was very entertaining and afterwards they gave us a picture to keep. Everyone should seriously stop by there if ever visiting San Diego area.

This trip was one of my favorite family trips to date. I love being married to Lars, he is my best friend. The day we married I felt our love so strong but after 7 years it is even greater and stronger. Here is to forever and always.

I created a slide show of our adventure. Enjoy!
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