Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lars Birfday

Lars had a birfday shout HOORAY!!
We had so much fun together in his honor
We took a few days off and just relaxed and played together and shared a cold. 
Roan was Lars best friend and followed him everywhere so he could hug and cuddle him. 
play Horse and flying airplanes
Honestly, I think Roan thought it was his birthday. He kept asking for cake and whenever he saw our birthday banner he would ask, "My birthday?" We would tell him it was Daddy's and that his was going to be a in a few months. Not sure he got it but it didn't matter because he was also in good spirits and we all had a blast together. 
We explored Gardner Village
Lars loves ice creams so I made him an ice cream cake. It turned out really yummy and was super easy and inexpensive to make. Woot Woot! 
I love my Lars and am glad we got to celebrate!

Book Themed Baby Shower for Meagan

My friend Jessica and I threw our other friend, Meagan, a girl book themed baby shower...

My first diaper cake
Props for the photo booth
Photo booth back drop
The Baby Girl Book Banner

The spread
The rose cakes, I am super proud of these.


These cute little boys crashed our party. ;)

Myself, Meagan, & Jessica
Hooray for baby shower planning and executing!

Wicked For Good

At the end of August my best friend Rebecca flew out for a short trip to see Wicked with me. 

We made a cute bandanna for everyone going with us. 

Rebecca made us shirts and hair accessories. We got all dressed up to the nines from  head to toe. 
She is so wickedly beautiful

Also in attendance was her friend Lou and my friend Christopher

The show was amazing, wickedness was happiness ;)

It was a short trip but we had so much fun being crafty and wicked. I totally cried after I dropped her off at the airport. 

Come back soon!

Amy & Jake's Montana Wedding Celebration

My sweet, wonderful, smart, fun, spontaneous, dancing, friend Amy got married at the end of September. Lars and I took a short trip alone up to Montana to celebrate. 
First, Idaho has a couple of Jack in the Box's. Seriously SLC, UT get with the program,
We drive through Yellowstone
It was beautiful, especially just before the fall. 

I loved this tree, it looked like butterflies were attached to it and could fly off at any moment. 

The wedding ceremony was awesome. It was one of a kind and special. I totally cried. Star Wars and The Princess Bride were quoted in the sermon. Their vows were very touching and sweet. I just love wedding. 
They were married at Jake's family cabin in the mountains with a stunning view over the Montana valley. It was drissling rain here and there but still just as lovely. 
Amy & I :)

The happy couple
Paul, Amy's little brother and I
FHNHS mini reunion, myself, Amy, Zack, & Paul. We all went to HS together, Amy, Zack & I sang in the choir and toured Europe together. 

Seriously the way Jake & Amy starred into eachother's eyes through the night was very romantic and lovely. It made me super cuddly with Lars. 

This was the dress I bought for the party. It was a rare find for the price. 
This was the wedding gift I made for Amy & Jake. It was one of the funniest craft projects I ever did. I found it on pinterest and I am very pleased with how it turned out. It is a copy of their wedding song in the backdrop with a tree and hearts with their wedding date and initials. 

While at the wedding celebration I got to be apart of a Flash Mob. It was so much fun, I rehearsed for weeks and thought it turned out really well. 

Congrats Amy & Jake on your new journey together! This was such a fun trip. It was relaxing and fun and awesome to meet so many new wonderful people in a place I have never visited before. I will return soon.