Thursday, October 2, 2014

Radical Random's: Summer Wrap Up

Summer is over and I haven't blogged in a billion years. Here is a random post to wrap up some of our fun summer activities. 
My garden has been doing way better than I thought. I am learning patience with how long it takes to make things grow. It has been interesting to see the items I have planted flourish. My two tomato plants are thriving, the potatoes should be done by the end of Oct, the green pepper plant keeps resurrecting with every rainstorm, we have mourned the loss of our zucchini and cucumbers, the raspberry plant is growing but not producing any raspberries. I still have a lot I want to read up on when it comes to gardening. There will be a few things I do different next year. But for my first year I am satisfied. 
Maybe next year I can make this...


Roan is so stinking cute. One week he loves to cuddle, sit on my lap, and kiss. The next week he is too cool for school and doesn't want anything to do with me. :( He is growing up so fast. 

Here are some cute things he is saying:
I see=Let me see
You train too=You (adverb) with me too
What the Heck!
What are you doing?
Hug me!=Pick me up please
A kiss from Mommy, Daddy=Kiss before bedtime at least up until a week ago ;(
When he does kiss he makes a huge drawn out MUAHHHHHHHAAAA noise
Will you help me?=I know I can do this but I want you to do it so we can hang out.
Tee Time=Dinner time
After every meal he has to ask us if we are done eating individually and he will continue to ask until you answer
My absolute favorite...."All AWard!" =All Aboard, he says this whenever he is playing train or see's a train. 

I got to have some really fun girl time with Jamie and Shawna

I found this nest in my tree and a while later I noticed the eggs were gone. I heard this is a good omen. 
Beautiful flowers from Stacey
A nice quote that I have been pondering. More on this at a later post. 
I got some fun girl time with my sister Lorretta and friend Jessica. 

We play in our trailer and eat dinner in there a few times a month. It is fun to play in something we are paying for year round and to get some family time in a new place. 

We love photo play time

Oh and this kid still loves bath time and will ask for a bath everyday. 

I try and take a pic of Roan on this stump every few months. One day I will put them all together so we can all see how much he has grown over time. 
That is an exciting picture. We are trying to get him interested in wanting to potty train. 
He loves to say cheese and give thumbs up and also wave to strangers. 

Lars and I went to a Real soccer game. It was awesome! I would love to get season tickets. 

I got another cute short hair cut.

We went to the Dentist and they let Roan play in the chair to get comfy. Maybe he won't be scared when they actually have to do work on him. 

He loves dressing up and looks good in anything. 
This kid loves his Grandma so much. He asks for her all the time, especially right after he gets in trouble. One time we went to Costco and he wanted to share some of his water with Grandma but when I took a sip of it before handing it over he got mad at me and said with a very deep stern voice, "NO that's Grandma's!" We all had a good laugh.
Playing horse is the new favorite game

We both have been dressing up real sharp lately. 
Lars is so cute!
Here are some fun things Roan has been doing:
He will grab a whisk and play it like a guitar and command you sing with him

He makes up songs all the time about random things. yesterday he sang a 3 minute song shirt about his Star Wars shirt and brown pants. 

He likes to pretend he is a dog and a cat

The other day he told me was scared of dinosaurs and things that go ROAR! (even though he loves to play with both) It was a sweet tender moment as a Mom that he confided such information with me.

He also loves to play sleep time. We will all lay down on the floor and he will come and put blankets on us and then lay down too. Then 10 seconds later he will get up and say, Be right back, I have to check on something.  Then he will come back and we fake snor together.

He really loves playing games and being in charge of the rules and enforcing those rules. But he does get upset when you don't play by his rules or want to change games before it is his idea. We are working with him and his big emotions when it comes to this type of play.  
Roan insisted he wear a "diaper"

We went to a baseball game together as a family. Roan liked the pizza. 

Milk does a body good!

And more fun pictures playing outside. 
During the summer I reached my goal of maintaining my weight for a year since reaching my goal! Woot Woot!
That more or less wraps up the summer. Now bring on the best season ever! FALL!


  1. Short hair looks really good on you! And I can't believe we haven't talked about the dentist trip!


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