Saturday, September 6, 2014

Madsen Dinosaur Family

We got together with Lars family at the end of July in Vernal, UT. It was a Madsen Family Reunion because his sister drove all the way from Iowa and Lars' Uncle, Irwin, came from Denmark

Roan, rocking Grandma's shades

Dave & Lars-seriously the best brother in law in the world. 

It was also Ivan's birthday so we did lots of celebrating

Brian, Roan's cousin, made all the animal balloons. 

While there we went to the Dinosaur Quarry-It was amazing!

Annika, Collin, Brian, Roan, & Suzanne-All the cousins

Then we went to the Dinosaur Muesum. I used to go to this muesum when I was a kid visiting my Ogden cousins, Now it is all decked out super fancy. 

The rocks in Vernal are turly stunning. 

I loved this dinosaur statue because he looks like he is smiling. It is the exact same from when I was a kid but it is painted and shinned up a bit. :)

Roan was being super cute and played with the toys in the gift shop, He told me they were Mommy and Daddy and they were eating eachother. 

Back at camp we made these cool iron pizza pockets. They were good but a lot of work.

My nieces are cuter than yours. 
We had so much fun with our family, especially Roan, he was pooped. He loves dinosaurs even more now. And according to him they say, "Yee-haw"
We have a fancy smancy group pic but Lars is in the process of editing it so I will post it later. 


  1. I'm dying over the pictures of Roan wearing the sun glasses. Soo cute! Dane still wont wear them.

  2. Oh so much fun, I would love to visit someplace with lots of dinosaurs well not live dinosaurs that would be scare


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