Thursday, December 24, 2015

Barlow Stars Christmas Newsletter 2015

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Barlow Stars 2015 Christmas Newsletter

As a family we have enjoyed many things together this year. We have had many visitors and gone on some fun camping trips both local and far away. Yellowstone was our biggest trip. It was relaxing and beautiful. We love to go camping, fishing, and shooting. The two most exciting things of the year is that we are expecting a daughter at the very beginning of January 2016 (or sooner) and that Lars sequel to his first book is available now, With The Snow Fall (Zero Book 2)J

Roan turned 3 and has not stopped growing. He is super tall for his age and likes to try and do everything by himself. He loves to help cook and clean in the kitchen, play with friends and cousins, sing songs, create with Legos, and read books. He loves Star Wars and loves to pretend he is a traveler where is excellent at protecting the public from dinosaurs and dragons. J Roan also graduated from a crib to a big boy bed, potty trained, and he often asks when he can go to school and wear a backpack. He is excited to be a big brother soon and tells us over and over all the things he is going to do with his baby sister, like swimming, eating, and playing with toys.

Stephanie keeps very busy between work @Select Health, family, and lots of fun activities that she enjoys such as party planning, crafts, and exercising. She was released as Young Women President in the Spring and has since enjoyed just being a “civilian”. She ran in two 5Ks this year, one of which she took 1st place. (To be fair there weren’t very many participants…like maybe 3). Stephanie is loving being pregnant in all its glory. Having a daughter is a whole new world to explore and she is giddy with excitement.

Lars is also kept busy between work @EMC, family, and home repairs (new water heater and trying to resurrect our furnace and other cool yet boring adult responsibilities). Lars is a Sunday School teacher for the 12 year old class. Lars newest hobby has been ammo making and shooting. He went to a Turkey Shoot in November and brought home a 12lb turkey. WAHOOO! Another accomplishment we are very excited about is that the sequel to his first book is available now, With The Snow Fall (Zero Book 2)! You can check it out by clicking on the link and the print edition will come out in a few more days.

Have a Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year!!!
Lars, Stephanie, Roan, & Baby Liv Barlow