Monday, February 15, 2016

Texas Friends

Our dear friends Brandon and Melissa came to Utah for a visit. We met up with them and let the kids go crazy together. They loved it. 
Jake and Roan are about 8 months apart
Liv and Emily are a month apart

The kids played while we adults chatted about the world and such. I didn't take any pics of the adults which made me sad. Next time. Love you guys! Thanks for coming and playing!!!

Christmas 2015

We kept Christmas 2015 really low key
We had breakfast with Lars Mom. We had dinner with his Dad a few days earlier. 
Christmas Day dinner was spent with my family. We had ham and funeral potatoes and they were awesome. We enjoyed everyone's company and Roan enjoyed his cousins and getting some new things to play with. 

Some of the Stark grandkids

We had a really fun surprise that day. Lars brother Josh was in town and stopped by. It was the first time our kids have met and years since we had seen him. The boys hit it off and became the best of friends. It was SO cute. As soon as Gabe walked in the door he and Roan started talking about cars and off they went. They played extremely well together. 

And of course as adults it was a blast catching up like no time has passed at all. Thanks for stopping by Josh and Lori. 

Yellowstone Family Trip Sept 2015

We went ti Yellowstone for 5 days. It was one of the best trips ever. Roan could not wait to go. He seriously was asking about it for months before we even left. Lars and I had to come up with a code name for the trip so Roan wouldn't over hear us talking about the planning for it and then blast us with questions like. "Are we going camping after we eat lunch today? or how about now, can we go now?" 
The moon was beautiful up there. In fact, everything was just breathtaking. 

Grandma Barlow came with us. She and Roan were special trip buddies. 

A face full of grapes

My favorite parts were the Canyon and Mammoth and of course seeing all the animals. 

Yellowstone is smokin' BWAHAHAHAH

Home away from home

We meet up with my good friend Amy and her husband, Jake. Roan also found a new buddy in Amy. 

My favorite parts were Mammoth, the Canyon, and ....

On our last day we ate at a fancy ranch restaurant. 

Our last meal there was at a fancy ranch restaurant

On the way home we stopped to visit my Idaho Barfuss cousins for a fabulous brunch.