Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ladies Night Out at Smiths

Remember my Smiths Date Night
We did it again, but this times with only LADIES. It was a blast. We ate pizza, gabbed away, then we ate cheesecake, gabbed some more, and then we played Let's Make a Deal

I will be honest...I took the deal!

Bruce at Smith's serenaded us with some lovely music. 

It was a lot of fun. Thanks again Bruce for an excellent night and thank you ladies for coming out. :)

Growing Up Milestones

We bought Roan a new big boy bed...and then I cried.
I cried as he picked his sheets...
I cried as he and Daddy built the bed....
and then I cried some more as he cheered that he "loves" it. The next day he woke  up and said that he loved sleeping because of his cool new bed. I guess they can't stay little forever. 
Roan had his first official dentist visit. They didn't do a cleaning but he let them look in his mouth for a minute. 
I am working on being able to touch my toes, my own personal milestone. :)

At work they converted some regular letters from an OMAR mark to a data mark. That might mean absolutely nothing to you but to me it means the world. It means part of my work just got a lot easier and the process is finally up to the times. I celebrated by making Omar cupcakes. :)

Roan borrowed my sun glasses. Then he said he needed how own for his baby sized head. He then told me my head was huge and tall so it could fit these glasses better. :)

I love my Roan and even though he is growing up super fast I am soaking in and enjoying every minute of it. 
P.S. Photo shoots are being harder to do because he HAS TO push the button every time, that and he can't sit still for more than half a second. :)

AMY 4.0

In High School one of my best friends name was Amy. I called her Amy 4.0 because she was very smart and in AP English. :) 

Amy and her hubby Jake drove through our neck of the woods a few times last month. It was so nice of them to stop in for a visit. We ate lots of good food, laughed, and stayed up late talking. I got them hooked on Kneaders french toast and we also hit up our favorite sushi place, KOI. 

Roan adored Amy and didn't know a thing about personal space. He also loved noodles. After this we taught him how to eat noodles with a fork but it is still more fun to slurp them in. 

Lars also gave Amy and Jake a lesson on how to use chop sticks. 
Thanks for coming to visit. You are so wonderful, smart, and beautiful girl. And Jake rocks too. LOL :)