Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Smith's Date Night: Don't You Know?

Did you know....
That going to Smith's for a group date night is awesome?
That their brick oven baked pizza from their deli is amazing?
(This is the Greek Pizza which more than satisfied both Lars and I)
Did you know that people can randomly be found dancing in the store aisles?
You would too if you had this swell guy Jazzing it up for you.
Did you know that Lars is amazing at The Price is Right?
He won M&M's and helped someone else win Oreos.

 Did you know that this night was super fun because
these friends are amazing and Bruce at Smith's rocks!!

 We will be back....


  1. Stephanie has a God-given gift to assist people in enjoying the fun in life. She has great friends and in her own way assists them to "forget the hard part about life" for a bit, and smell the roses. Great job Stephanie!

  2. Date night not something Tim is interested in

  3. This is me inviting you to invite us next time! I basically demand it.

    1. Oh we will for sure do this again!!! I am planning a girls night out for Smiths Gourmet Sundaes and The Price is Right in the next month or two. :)

  4. That actually sounds like a lot of fun!


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