Thursday, March 12, 2015


We are still alive. Life has been happening. I just haven't been in the mood for sharing much . But for kicks here are a few things we have been up to lately. 
 I love flowers and have been taking pictures of them. I got a bunch for my birthday and for other stuff and they have lasted a long time. 

 I had girls night out with my Mom and sister. We saw a movie and ate at Zupas. I love Zupas!
 We went to the RV Show and it was a blast. I cannot wait to start camping again. 

 Each of us has had our share of illness over the last few months. Roan has the flu first, then I had a viral sinus infection,  then Lars had strep throat. Not all at once thankfully. Yet so much that I now know my pharmacist by name as well as the Walgreen's clerk. Hooray for the Walgreens points program, I already earned a big fat reward. :)
 One of my favorite cousins from the Stark side came into town so we threw a big get together. I have many memories playing with Shasta in Idaho. It was a fun to catch up and get to know her kids. 

Still spending every free second I have to play around with this cool kid. 

Life has its ups and downs but we are still kicking it. :)

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  1. I"m glad you've been keeping busy. It looks like you've had a lot of fun lately!


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