Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Father's Day

I think Father's Day will be really fun when Roan is old enough to participate and help plan and execute the events for this special occasion. Don't get me wrong. I love to party plan and I love to party plan for Lars. But gosh darn it he is so hard to surprise! And to be honest I may have dropped the ball on some of the past Father's Days (at least I think so) . This year Father's Day fell on a super busy weekend. So naturally Lars said not to do anything fancy and to keep it simple blah blah blah, what he really means is "please make me feel special and loved."

The night before Father's Day was a late night and then Roan was up most of the night with a fever. As parents we teamed up and took care of our family. Sunday morning we were all pooped so we stayed home from church. (It was stake conference anyway, which BTW I think is pretty lame to have on the same weekend as Father's Day, just sayin')

The easiest way for me to show love is through food. 

For breakfast I made pecan sour cream fluffy pancakes. For pancake recipe go here
The for dinner I made beef ribs. Lars LOVES beef ribs. Usually I do steak for such an occasion but when I went to Smiths they had this rack on sell for $5. I couldn't say know. I was so scared I would ruin them so I let Lars choose the method and recipe for cooking. We used the oven and cooked them for half a day and they turned our AMAZING!!!!! Plus the whole house smelled so tasty the entire day. 
The rest of the day we relaxed as a family and started a Star Wars marathon. 

Best of all Lars was pleasantly surprised with how much fun we had and how delicious the food was. In the end he felt very special and loved. I love you Lars. Thank you for working so hard for our family and for being an amazing husband and father. :) 

Roan Random's

Life with a toddler is so eventful. 
 There are creative messes
scrapped and bruised knees that love kisses 
 In decisions on what shirt to wear (seriously)
 SO many new things to see and explore
 Snazzy outfits
 Bath time is still a favorite around here or maybe it is just the photo sessions that follow. 
This is Roan's official first big kid ice cream cone. 
 It felt like it took him a million years to eat it. 
 Mommy had to help him to prevent it from dripping and from the look on his face I don't think he liked to share. LOL

 He created this flying care all by himself. I really love Legos and all the creativity they encourage. 
 We went to the Zoo and this kid can find a char anywhere

 Side note: Did I mention I love grass and love to mow my lawn and then lay on it afterwards. 

 Safety goggles can be used in any situation
When I took this pic Roan was afraid "I" was going to hurt the dinosaur. Me..hurt a big dinosaur. Only if it was going after my child. :)  
 We love enjoying picnics in the fine May weather
 He is such a cute nerd

 He watches over this baby doll during nursery every Sunday. He hides it in the microwave from the other kids. LOL
Pizza is still a favorite. :) 

Love this kid and all his shenanigans. 

Mom & Dad's Retirement Celebration

 This is my Dad
 And this is my Mom

They are both officially retired. They have worked so hard for many MANY years to make a life for our entire family and now they finally get to relax and enjoy. To celebrate my siblings and I put together a huge open house to honor them and their years of work. 
It was also my Mom's birthday so I got them some flowers to wear.  
 Bruce at Smiths helped design this fancy and delicious cake
 It was a Hawaiian Luau theme with a "Tired & Finally Retired" and "Happy Birthday Mom!" banner

 They each had a career timeline displayed

 This fruit salad was so good!

 We even had family from Idaho travel to atend

 What was left of the cake
 I love my parents and appreciate all their hard work and sacrifice. They have been my prime example of taking pride in their work. 

 My oldest brother :)
 Roan and the rest of the kids were soooo exhausted when all was said and done. 

This tea set belonged to my Grandma and Grandpa Stark. My Aunt brought it down and I took a pic of it because I loved it.