Tuesday, June 30, 2015

AF Canyon 5K

I walked/jogged a 5K this last Saturday. I won the entry into the race from work by doing so many 5Ks in my gym. LOL ironic...I think not. 

It was tons of fun. The purpose of the 5K was to raise funds for cancer study and treatment. There was an awesome feeling at the race. Many people were racing for people within their families that have or passed from cancer. 

My coworker/friend Tiffany and my brother joined in the fun as well.

Our before picture
a few action shots 

 some sway
 Our acter shots
One cool thing about this 5K is that everyone got Kneaders french toast! If you haven't ever had their french toast you must!!! It is pretty darn good.  

My brother! He did so great. I am very proud of him for starting a new fitness journey. Plus it is fun to have a new running buddy from the family. :)

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