Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Goals

"The past is behind,
Learn from it.
The future is ahead,
Prepare for it
The present is here:
Live it!"
~Thomas S. Monson

My goals for 2011

SO this New Year I really want to make some solid goals and achieve them. I dream and dream big and have all sorts of goals and aspirations. They are in the works. Right now in my life I think I need to work on the day to day stuff. I get so carried away with the future that I forget to live NOW. So I thought I would document some personal goals that I want to achieve/improve on by the end of the year. You can laugh at them if you want. I am my worst critic and am very hard on myself for the smallest things so for me some of these things are to start small and then go from there. Just writing them down makes me feel better. I am on my way...

Send birthday cards via mail or email to family for their birthdays

Be honest and ethical in my daily dealings

Go to the temple every other month

Read my scriptures 3 times a week

Read the Ensign cover to cover

Read a book each month

I always give excuses and reasons for simple everyday actions. Nothing major. Just dumb stuff. As an example, one time I was going down the elevator and I had to tell my receptionist why I was going down. No big deal though and what does she care. SO for this goal I want to refrain from giving people reasons or excuses for my actions. If they need to know why then they will ask.

Be more confident in everything I do.
Listen more

Be the first to order off the menu at a restaurant.

Cook dinner 5 times a week.

Stay fit and healthy. ~ I never want to say diet or loose weight. Though it would be awesome to be at my prewedding weight. I just don't think it is going to happen unless I starve myself. I am gorgeous and content with what I look like. I would like to keep my healthy eating and exercising habits because they make me feel great!
Reconnect with old friends
Draw or paint a picture each week.
Dance more and sing out loud
Continue to smile

Monday, December 20, 2010

STARS Christmas Newsletter 2010

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Please enjoy our holiday greeting and newsletter! Thank you,


Lars and Stephanie Barlow

Sunday, December 19, 2010

John Denver & The Muppets - 12 Days of Christmas

I love Christmas music and I love the Muppets. Put them together and you get a fun video.

Merry Christmas!