Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Fire Inside

Saturday night we went to California's Bamboozle concert to see local bands and some featured punk bands play. Some of the known bands were Say Anything, Angels and Airways, and AFI. Angels and Airways was sooo boring and Say Anything was better. But for Lars and I the main attraction was AFI.

Flashback-Before Lars and I were married he made me a CD of all the music he loved, AFI was on most of it. I really liked it and this became a common interest for us. Certain songs have meant something to each of us in at different times in our lives and have in one way or another touched us or nailed on the head what we were feeling.

So a week ago I was listening to AFI and Less Than Jake to pump myself up for my show. This put me in a punk mood and made me want to go to a concert. Lars mentioned that he would love to see AFI again. We looked up their tour dates and lo and behold they were coming to Anaheim that weekend (awe and the heavens opened) and tickets were $25 bucks each. SOLD!

Lars had gotten sick a few days before the concert. We rested up and decided to still go but to "take it easy." That was thrown out the window as soon as Davey Havok came on stage. His energy was contagious. Lars and I pushed our way to the front for a few songs and when that got crazy we moved back and found ourselves in a mosh pit that we danced in a for a minute then planted ourselves on the edge of the pit in center stage. The performance was the best performance I have ever seen put on by a band, yes even better than No Doubt. They were consistent and amazing. They played old and new songs and everything in between and they sounded amazing. I think I might have a crush Davey. ;) It was just awesome and I left feeling great! Plus they played mine and Lars' love songs so we got to cuddle and dance together during the performance. It was a blast and I wish my other punk friends, Brandon, Josh, and Matthew could have been there with us.
Actual pic from the show taken by newspaper

I loved loved loved it and would encourage everyone to see them in concert if they can.

Always a June Bride

So I was in this musical and it was so much fun. I made a lot of new friends from my stake that I will see again, learned a lot, and basically relit the fire of theatre from within. It was a success and we are hoping to put on another show in the near future. The show was recorded and we are putting a slide show of all the pics. All of which I will send out per request. Thanks for everyones support and especially Lorretta for inspiring me to audition. Below are some pics from the show.

Some of the guys acting like June Brides
Camera Attack
Throughout the show we had this game called camera attack where we would jump into each others pictures and yell "Camera Attack" and then strike a pose for the camera. This was one of those but it looks like it was meant to be.
Adam said he would smile like me for the this picture.
Do you think he is accurate?
Group shot at cast party
Me before all the curlers at dress rehearsal
All the June Brides
Cool Stuff. (I am wearing a blue shirt)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Our friends have this dog that is super cute and smart. I think he is more like a cat dog because he always wants to be on people but he is too large for that. He is so cute and is always showing us tricks that he has just learned. I am starting to really like dogs and think I just might have to get one soon.

St Patty's Day

So I went to LA on St Patrick's Day for a business lunch meeting. We went to a venue called LA Live to eat because they have tons of different shops and places to eat, its next to the Staples Center. There was lots of entertainment around the area because of the holiday. We ate on the patio of a restaurant and every few minutes the following march by.

And then this would march by.

I love being in LA on holidays!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I think you should see this...

The last few weeks I have seen a few war movies, one that I would strongly recommend everyone see. This movie was recommended to us by over a dozen people, it was also nominated for some Oscars. SO we red boxed it a few days before the Oscars. This movie is The Hurt Locker. It is the best war movie I have ever seen. It was such a good story, with amazing acting, real suspense, and a really cool message. It is not your typical shoot 'em up war movie, it is the war we are fighting today. I can't explain it that well, I just think everyone should see it. If you are concerned about the rating let me tell you this, Saving Private Ryan was 100 times more violent. The Hurt Locker drops a few F-bombs and there is some gun action and bombs. But there isn't much blood or anything horrific about it. Its more thought provoking than anything. The main character was but smart, the actor who portrayed him was so good at it. It is a fictional story based of actual events that happened in 2008, that's not so long ago. It really made me think about life and war and really made me want to learn more about current events and such. This movie won a ton of Oscars, one being a well deserved Best Picture.

Shortly after I saw the Hurt Locker, I saw The Green Zone. This movie was okay, but it was a good conspiracy history lesson leading up to the Iraq war. I think because I saw The Hurt Locker before Green Zone I liked it more.

Either way, go see Hurt Locker. It really was amazing!