Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sister Barlow

So last night I got to be a sister missionary for a few hours. I got home from work and Lars and I chatted for a while and then my brother called so I talked to him. Before we knew it with was after 7 pm and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet. So we jumped in the car and went to Ralphs to pick up something from their deli. I like to dilly dally sometimes when I am at the grocery store to see if I can’t get a managers special from the fresh produce. Lars was in a hurry to get back home to relax so he helped me move along. Good thing he did too. When we were walking up our stairs the sister missionaries caught us. They wanted to know if I would go with them to visit an investigator who lives a few doors down from us. The other member going with them bailed and they couldn’t find a replacement so they called me, but my phone was left at home. They said that they prayed that someone will go with them and then they ran into us while we were getting out of the car. This investigator has been on and off again and out of no where he called them and wanted to see them right away.

I never served a mission and I never went on splits so I am usually very nervous when it comes to visiting investigators with the missionaries because I am always afraid I will say the wrong thing or misrepresent the church and totally screw things up. Since Lars got his calling we have been spending more time with investigators and the missionaries so I thought today is a good day to start trying. So we went to the investigators home. We started teaching a lesson and then it turned into a Q&A session about feeling the spirit which was fine. It was so awesome. The spirit was there and it was strong. The investigator couldn’t believe or describe what he was feeling only that he liked it and wanted more of it. Sometimes I think I take the Holy Ghost and the spirit of God for granted. It is something that has always been there and something that I have always known and been comfortable with. Other people have no clue what it is and when they feel it for the first time it freaks them out. How do explain to someone that what they are feeling okay? We all come from different experiences and understanding. Some things that are hard for other people to wrap their minds around may be something I don’t give a second thought to and vice versa. It was an amazing experience and brought new perspective to my mind. I am so grateful for the gospel and the comfort the spirit brings me and for knowing that what I feel is the true spirit of God.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Movie Soap Box

We are in a dry spell of good movies people. This last few weeks I have been itching to see a good movie with action, comedy, a good story, characterization, and some innovative special effects. Friday we saw Watchmen. There are times where I will see a movie I know nothing about. I don't mind being surprised. I have never read the graphic novel that this movie was based from. The only thing I knew about the movie was what I saw from the previews. The previews peaked my interest. I like super hero movies. However, Watchmen, was not a super hero movie, it was a mystery disguised as a super hero movie. Let me tell you...I still have the itch to see a good movie. Watchmen really sucked! There were some cool effects, but overall it lacked what I wanted see in the movie it was made out to be. Save your money and wait until it is on TBS in a year.

The last good movies I remember seeing in the last year that have had an impact on me have been: Transformers, The Dark Knight, Twilight, and Bedtime Stories. I am sure I have seen a lot of other movies but I just can't remember them because they either weren't that good or well...maybe my memory is going or maybe there really hasn't been any good movies worth seeing! I watch at least 1-3 movies a week whether at my house or at the theatre. I think this is why Lars and I want to be apart of the movie business so we can put movies out that we want to see more of.

Having a dry spell of good movies is like working between labor day and memorial day without anytime off. You work and work, but don't get a holiday off for some fun! I guess my itch won't be satisfied for a few more weeks. I have some high hopes for the new Star Trek movie and a few others later in the year. Time will tell.