Monday, March 9, 2009

Movie Soap Box

We are in a dry spell of good movies people. This last few weeks I have been itching to see a good movie with action, comedy, a good story, characterization, and some innovative special effects. Friday we saw Watchmen. There are times where I will see a movie I know nothing about. I don't mind being surprised. I have never read the graphic novel that this movie was based from. The only thing I knew about the movie was what I saw from the previews. The previews peaked my interest. I like super hero movies. However, Watchmen, was not a super hero movie, it was a mystery disguised as a super hero movie. Let me tell you...I still have the itch to see a good movie. Watchmen really sucked! There were some cool effects, but overall it lacked what I wanted see in the movie it was made out to be. Save your money and wait until it is on TBS in a year.

The last good movies I remember seeing in the last year that have had an impact on me have been: Transformers, The Dark Knight, Twilight, and Bedtime Stories. I am sure I have seen a lot of other movies but I just can't remember them because they either weren't that good or well...maybe my memory is going or maybe there really hasn't been any good movies worth seeing! I watch at least 1-3 movies a week whether at my house or at the theatre. I think this is why Lars and I want to be apart of the movie business so we can put movies out that we want to see more of.

Having a dry spell of good movies is like working between labor day and memorial day without anytime off. You work and work, but don't get a holiday off for some fun! I guess my itch won't be satisfied for a few more weeks. I have some high hopes for the new Star Trek movie and a few others later in the year. Time will tell.

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