Sunday, February 22, 2009

411-Don't Worry Be Happy

We haven't updated our blog for a bit because things have been kept us from doing so. Here is the 411 on the past month. On MLK Holiday I didn't have to work so we went to the beach to go roller blading with a friend. It was fun and the weather was perfect. We watched the surfers, fed a crane, We went to eat at one of the Piers but the wait was too long so instead we headed back to the car to find food somewhere else.

When we were less than 75 ft from the car my skate caught on a palm tree seed and I fell forward. I wasn't going fast at all. I tried to catch myself with my right hand but landing on my fingers and then slid on my right side. It all happened quick but I felt it happen in slow motion. I remember closing my eyes as I went down and then opened them up when I was laying on the road. I looked at myself and thought I was okay, but then I saw my hand and screamed. My two middle fingers were completely mangled. Lars and our friend, Leighton, were right there and Leighton had a 1st aid kit. Blood was gushing out of the server road rash on my hand and fingers. Lars told me I had to set my fingers back into place so they could tape them up. So I sat up and put them back into place. Then we got in the car and headed home. It was the worst pain I have every felt in my life. We got home and cleaned it up and two splints in. The next two days I spent on the couch resting. But the swelling wasn't going down. So we went to urgent care. They took an X-ray and then sent me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. My two middle fingers were fractured by the joint knuckle. He put my hand in a fiberglass cast that went from my hand to my forearm. I kept it on for a week and then went back for a check up. The bones were healing nicely so no surgery was required. I count that as a blessing. I had the cast on for two more weeks then they took it off. My hand and wrist was still really bruised and tender and the road rash was healing okay. Now my fingers are really stiff and I am doing stretches and exercises to break through the cartilage to regain full movement. I go back to the doctor in two weeks to see if I have to have therapy. I am starting to do more things with it than I have lately, but it is still a slow process.

Me trying to add humor to the situation

One of these hands is not like the other
The cast I wore, we called him Handy or Goose

After all this happened I felt really crappy. I think I did well to tough out the pain (I mean come on, I set my own two fingers back), but the whole situation really sucked. It is inconvenient financially and physically. You never know what you really have until you lose it. I was really scared in the beginning then frustrated. So I haven't blogged recently because 1) It is hard to type one handed 2) Typing one handed reminded me that I fractured my fingers which then made me depressed.

My Hand After the Cast
My bruises and flaky wrist

SO it has been a emotional roller coaster. But now that I am on the mends I am feeling a lot better about it and have learned a lot. 1) There is a first time for everything, 2) I am not as invincible as I thought I was, 3) Safety precautions should always be considered (My skates were old and shouldn't have been used and I should have had the proper safety gear i.e. wrist guards) I am also going to learn how to fall correctly so if this should happen again (hopefully never) I will fall in away that I won't break anything. 4) I am stronger than I think I am, what can't kill you can make you stronger. 5) My husband is the best husband ever. We aren't even 90 years old yet and he has helped me get dress and wash my hair for the last 3 weeks. He has been very supportive and has been a great nurse and friend through all this. So that's what happened. But I will face my fears and skate again. Maybe by the end of the year. Oh yeah, the Tiger is back and she is bouncing better than ever. :)

This video was taken from my phone so it is not that good, but it is where I am currently at with moving my fingers!

What else has been happening....I celebrated my 26th birthday! Yeah! We just went out to eat at Ruby's Diner with some friends. It was a jolly good time. Lars gave me David Archuleta's CD and a gift card to Old Navy. Valentines Day we went to a movie then dinner at Applebee's. Other than that we have just been working and healing. Oh...Lars got a church calling, he is now the Ward Mission Leader. The timing is awesome because some of his meetings are during American Idol nights so I don't have to kick him out of the t.v. room to watch and vote. I am such a supportive wife.

I am using both hands to type again so as long as something is happening I will be blogging. Thank you all for your love, calls, support, and prayers. I really appreciate it! SO that's what has been up with us. What's happening with you?


  1. Glad to hear that you are getting better. Also glad to hear that you never stop learning and take the knowledge from this experiance to improve yourself. Makes your big brother proud of you.

    Tell Lars good luck with his new calling.

  2. What a crazy experience! I don't think I would have been brave enough to set my own fingers.. and I've given birth! EEK! You are super woman.

  3. OW!! I'm glad you're feeling better!


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