Monday, August 26, 2013

First 5K Color Run

At the beginning of the year I set a goal to run a 5K. It took me most of the year but I finally did it. 
 Getting hugs from Roan just before leaving. 
 I ran with my cousin, Eliza, and my Aunt Elaine. (It was so much fun to run with them)
For those of you that have never been, basically they throw color at you at various points of the race. It is not a timed race, just a have fun and be healthy race. Some of the color was in powder form (corn startch) and some was in liquid form. 
  It was a blast. 
Afterwards they had dancing and prizes and a DJ. I won a pair of running shorts. 
 My Mom and a few of my nieces and nephews came out. 
 After the race we went back to my house for a bit. We didn't get a chance to see what we really looked like until I was giving them a tour of the house. LOL we had a laugh in front of our mirrors. I was so wired from the race that I mowed the lawn and did some house chores, then I showered. 
I didn't know what to expect for my first race. I cleared out my day for it and honestly I walk/ran the 3 miles in under 45 minutes. The rest of the time was spent getting there and goofing off. I am most definitely going to run another 5K before the end of the year. I think I will do fun runs only though, at first anyway. 
Which one do you think I should do next?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cheaters Never Prosper

I am super grateful that I was focused enough to not cheat when on my health program. I was able to reach my goal in my desired time but also win a competition. I decided that after I reached my goal weight I wanted to know what it felt like to cheat so I could help my clients who might have trouble. 

When you cheat you kick your body out of fat burn and it takes 1-3 days to get back into fat burn as shown in this diagram here. If you can keep your body in a constant state of fat burn then it will continue to use calories you input and your stored calories. 
I cheated three times for science. Cheat #1 I had a small slice of fruit pie and a scoop of ice cream. I was queezy for about an hour afterwards but jumped right back in without a second thought. Cheat #2 a week later. I had 1 donut and 3 donut holes. I was queezy, had a headache, and later a sore throat. I continued to eat my Medifast meals and eat every 3 hours, even though I didn't feel hunger. I was really tempted to eat more than I did but tried to focus on moderation. Cheat #3 I went completely off the plan for an entire weekend. I kept things mostly healthy but only ate 4 times a day and they were larger meals. End result: I was tired most of the weekend and felt sick a few times. The last cheat experiment really messed with my mind too. I was so nervous about how to go back on plan and for a second felt I was too far gone but calmly talked myself back into things.

Moral of the story. Cheating isn't worth it. I didn't really like how I felt afterwards, emotionally and physically. The more I cheated the harder it got to get back on track. Now I can have those junk food cravings out of the weight loss phase in moderation, if I want to that is. But as long as you are in the weight loss phase take advantage of being in fat burning mode by staying in fat burning mode and resisting temptation. You are better off and will keep your momentum and reach your goal faster. Don't cheat and if you do get back on track, we are all human, just get back in the swing of these right after. In the past when I was having an emotionally bad day I let myself go through food and would justify, "Well I already ate cake and pie so I might as well down both with some additional ice cream. I will start all over tomorrow." Don't do that, just begin again in the immediate second after cheating rather than waiting a day. That day could turn into two or three or more. Get and be healthy now rather than pushing it back for something that most often isn't as good as it looks.

When faced with temptation you can resist by:
1) Smelling the food. When donuts or cake were brought into work I smelled it for a few seconds and that satisfied me enough.

2) Focus on your goals and why you want to be healthy. 

3) I found that I am the weakest to temptation when I am tried or emotional. Recognize when you are in those states and ask yourself if you really really want that item or do you just need a break from the kids or work. 

4) Stop Challenge Choose Technique
The “STOP—CHALLENGE—CHOOSE” technique can break the link between a trigger (such as a temptation or an unpleasant emotion) and behavior that you want to avoid. Here’s an example of how it can work if you’re suddenly confronted with an opportunity to make an unhealthy choice:
1. STOP: Suspend action, take a deep breath, and center yourself.
2. CHALLENGE: Ask yourself:
•What’s the reality of the situation?
•What is my emotional state right now? Am I really hungry?
• On a scale from 1 – 10, what level of hunger or anxiety am I experiencing right now?
• Is my emotional state appropriate in intensity for what’s going on?
•Would a less intense response increase the likelihood of a desirable emotional outcome?
• If I let this emotional state take over, will I be closer to my goal, or further away?
3. CHOOSE: Make a choice based on the long-term outcome you want.
Whatever your choice, accept it, then continue on your healthy path.
• Observe how you feel as you make your choice.
• Determine the effectiveness of your choice. Would you choose to feel this way again?
• If not, reform your plan, and remember how you would choose to respond if a similar situation arises in the future.

Practicing all of the above has really helped me stay healthy now that I have transitioned and am eating regular food again. It could have been really easy for me to just lose the weight and then go back to eating how I used too. But what would be the point of all the effort I made to lose the weight and reboot my habits. That is why I love this program so much because it teaches people how to create healthy life long habits rather than just dieting. It is a life style change for the better for sure. 

That is my take away on cheating while on program. I recommend practicing healthy habits and not cheating, but as we are all human and those things do happen just pick yourself right back up and get back to the swing of healthy living. :)

Save The Date: Quiet Book Open House

Hi Ho!!! A fun announcement. I am hosting a Quiet Book Open House on Thursday, September 26th, 6:30-8:30 pm. 

What is a quiet book? 
It is a rad book that you can make that keeps your kids entertained and quiet (only noise out of them is the laughter from all the fun they are having), the book itself is relatively quiet too. The two biggest complaints about making quiet books are the expense and how time. Well, I met a local lady who runs this business, and she totally takes the expense and thinking out of quiet book making. She has created templates and all you really need to do to make your own quiet book is color the pages with fabric markers, sew a few simple things together and then VIOLA !! You have a quiet book and it didn't take 5 years or a million dollars to make. 

What is a Quiet Book Open house? 
This rad lady, her name is Linda, is going to come to my house and bring her samples and packets that you can buy. She is so rad. She breaks it down so easily and she hosts all day open houses at her house where you can go and sew and make your quiet book and she will help you along. It is amazing. 

But what if I am not local? 
No worries. You can still order from her website and call her if you have any questions. If you are in Utah on Thursday Sept 26 6:30-8:30 pm. Stop on by. I will have snacks and a good old chipper time. :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fat Chance

The only thing the same in this picture is my phone :)

Take Shape For Life 90 Day Summer Slim Down Competition
$1000 Women's Grand Prize Winner
Stephanie Barlow 
lost 48 lbs and 25.05% body fat

I joined this program in May and our region was having a 90 day summer slim down competition that over 400 people entered. I honestly thought, "fat chance I would win but what the hey" (no pun intended). Monday my super awesome coach and friend, Thia, called me and told me that so far I was in the lead. I was excited but tried to shrugged it off because results were still coming in. The next day we had a conference call with our group and they announced the winners. They read my name for the grand prize. :) I was over the moon!!! My coworkers in the office were jumping up and down with me. I emailed Lars and told him and he was just as excited. 

Not only did I reach my goal and create new life long healthy habits, which is the greatest take away, but I won a competition. The money literally pays for the 90 days on program so it is like I lost all this weight and got healthy for free. :) I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the love and support. I would be lying if I said I didn't celebrate the good news with some good food. I kept it healthy with a lettuce wrap smashburger and sweet potato fries along with other low carb veggies. Today I brought in Salt Lakes City's finest Banbury Cross donuts to share with my coworkers. :)

 Here is to continued healthy living. :) 

Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm On A **** Boat

This weekend was Lars Dad's birthday. We celebrated by camping with his Dad, step Mom, brother, and step brother in Coalville. It was RV camping so it was super fancy. 
Roan went on his first boat ride and he hated it. 
I don't blame him. We got out on the lake late, the fish weren't biting, the boat was rocking like crazy from all the other skidoos and speed boats, and he didn't like feeling confined in his life jacket. I think overall he just didn't feel stable. We gave him snacks and I held him 99% of the time. He only lasted an hour on the lake which was more than I thought we would get. 
We went back to the RV to play and swim in the heated pool instead. 
 Lars stayed and fished with his Dad and brother for 5 more hours. Not a joke, his Dad takes his fishing serious and commits with his time. 
 Lars' step sister came up that evening and we all enjoyed the fire, roasted hot dogs, homemade elk chili, dutch oven monkey bread, and atmosphere. We even saw some fireworks because Coalville had their city fair going on a few miles away. Roan had fun playing and was so worn out he slept in super late the next day and even took a 3 hour nap once we got home. It was fun camping in an RV. We hope to do it again soon. 

18 Months Old

This awesome kid is 18 months

Weight: 25 lbs 50th%
Length: 33 inches 95th %

Here are some fun Roan Facts:
-He loves to eat. If you give him a spoon or a fork he will poke all his food with it and then use his hands. 
-He will pat you on the back or shoulder when you hold him
-He knows how to wave hello and goodbye
-He loves to greet people with a "HI!" Then a big grin
-Anytime our doorbell rings or there is a knock he runs to the door to answer it and giggles
-He loves having his picture taken and then looking at it
-He loves throwing things down the stairs or over the stair railing
-He loves sword fights
-He loves bath time
-He makes boat, cars, and train noises
-He jabbers a lot and I can actually understand some words. It serious clicked one day
-He can go up and down stairs on his bottom and starting too with his feet (he especially loves to try to carry things up and down the stairs)
-He enjoys throwing his hands up
-When he wants my attention while I am busy in the kitchen he obtains it by getting me to face him by pushing me towards him and then throws his hands on me
-He likes to put feet on the table and feed his toes
-He loves it when you make faces with him and when he is allowed to examine your facial expressions and tongue.
-Some gross stuff he has been doing:
He likes to put toilet paper in the toilet to watch it flush...even while you are using the toilet. 
We are starting to close the bathroom door when we have to go now. 
At City Creek in the family bathroom they have little kid toilet's. He proceeded to put tp in it to flush it but he immersed his entire hand in the water. There wasn't poop or pee in there but it was so gross. I scrubbed his hands for 5 minutes. Yuck. 

-He has been teething this month and we hate it
-His favorite toys are: Giraffe, trucks, cars, golf clubs, legos, anything he can push, pull, or carry
He loves to kiss and see his parents kiss. When we have a family hug both Lars and I give him a "kiss sandwich" where Roan is in the middle and each of us are kissing one side of his checks. Then when we pull away he grabs the back of our necks and pushes our faces into each other so we can kiss.  

-Most days I feel like he has turned into this
A million Roan's running around from one thing to the next. Such a workout at times but still awesome.
Roan used to be afraid of this toy when he was watched by my friend Marly. He has conquered his fears.
-He loves his Daddy
-When we wrestle with him he loves to pull you to the ground from behind then sit on you
-He loves to smile :)

I can't get over how much he has grown and how smart he is. I love every new day with him because we never know what fun he has in store for us. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Superstar Goal Achieved!!!!

 I am super pleased with the progress I have made health wise. I look and feel great and I love the new habits I have formed and the food I have discovered that has always been there but I have never cared to try. I was a little nervous to transition off the program but I was nervous to start too. I think that after the first few weeks I will get the swing of it and be fine incorporating real food back into my diet. I really can live healthy and make good healthy choices and love it. I can still treat myself here and there and maintain control and just enjoy life and eating, some of two favorite things.  

Here are my specs of my before and after...

Start Weight: 191.6 lbs
Start BMI: 28

End Weight 143.6 lbs
End BMI: 21

Total loss:
48 lbs
10 inches from my waist
5 inches from my hips
3 inches off my upper arms
4 inches from my upper thighs

My start pant size was 14/16
Now it is 6/8

I haven't been this small since I was 18.

Goal to loose 45 lbs achieved & then some :)

Now that I have this healthy body what am I going to do with it.

First, I want to tone it up more. I really need to lift more weights, or do carido for longer periods of time, and do more strengthening exercises. At work I have to lift stuff all the time and I still have trouble lifting things.

I want to take up dancing of some sorts again. I am looking at local dance classes. I really want to start doing Zumba more frequently. Maybe even be in an exercise video (seriously one of my secret dreams)

I want to roller blade again. The last time I did this I broke my hand. I had bad skates and I was way out of shape. I used to roller blade all the time.

I want to wear one of these. I love this era and the clothes they wore. I have a few dresses that are similar but never thought I looked good in them. Now I really think I can pull them off. I think I might just buy myself a new dress. And a new bra or two. Dudes I totally lost two bra sizes up top. Sorry if that is TMI. But dang I am excited to get a few new bras. Victoria Secret are my fav. 

Down the road I want to expand my family and have a healthy pregnancy. Not that the last one was, but this next one will hopeful be super. 

I am a health coach for the program I used, Take Shape for Life. I hope to be successful in that en-devour to help others reach any of their health goals.

Anyway. So that is my big happy fun exhilarating news. Goals really can come true, especially when you have hard work and support. My health coach Thia is amazing!!!! I couldn't have done it without her. At times it was not easy. But I kicked butt and stayed 100% on plan because I knew I was worth it and 
SO ARE YOU. I am still in awe over how this worked. :)

If you would like to know more specifics about the program I used please feel free to give me a call. 

Touring SLC with Friends

After camping our dear friends came home with us to have a good time, Utah Style.

We rested and recovered from camping we went out and about. I took Nelia and the kids thrift shopping to DI and Savers. We made bank at both places. 
Eli modeling some bras for his sister. What was even funnier were the looks he was getting when he kept hanging out by the bra rack after everyone else left. :) This is kid is hilarious. He would hide in the clothes racks and then jump out and exclaim, "I have been to Narnia!"

Then we took the Trax into downtown to explore. We had lunch at City Creek and walked around the highlights of downtown. We even got a really cool private tour of some parts of the Joesph Smith Memorial Building. As we were talking to the tour guide in the lobby I jokingly asked if any of the Prophets have ever lived there and she said yes and offered to show us some of the rooms. They are all conference rooms now but it was still really cool to see them and the view was amazing. Then we went to the Family History Center in the same building to play. There is so much to do and see in downtown, I haven't even seen it all and I live here.
View from the conference room in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

They had a really cool play area in the Family History Library

At City Creek Nelia and I had an amazing service experience. If you haven't been to the food court it is worth a visit. They have a massive play area for the kids. Nelia and I were sitting in the play area watching the kids when Nelia struck up a conversation with another lady wearing head phones. I was sitting nearby watching this. Out of no where this lady started sobbing. Nelia gave me a look and I ran to her aide. We talked to the lady to figure out what was going on. She was basically struggling with a lot of things in her life (poverty, loneliness, disabilities, single parent etc.) and just ready to give up. Nelia (who has a service detector inside of her and always says and does the right things in these situations) went and got some food for her and her daughter while I stayed and chatted with her. Before we left her we gave her some phone numbers of places to go and get some help, the diapers we had, a gift card, and some cash. She sobbed and we hugged her and told her she was a daughter of God and to not give up. It was a very humbling experience. After we walked away Nelia and I hugged each other. I felt good but also wondered if I did enough and said the right things. It made me extremely grateful for what I have from my things to my own problems. I was grateful for the experience. I know everything I have comes from God so I am happy to be His messenger and an instrument and give anything to those in need. But overall I hope that the young lady understood that she was not alone and that Heavenly Father loves her. 

The kiddies checking for holes in their eyelids. 

Nelia and I had more fun later on visiting a quiet book open house. (I am going to host one of these in September, more info to come). We originally planned on spending our girls time getting pedicures. However we got side tracked when we started talking about foot and nail fungus on the way there. So instead we went to this quiet book open house. Mother's always thinking and doing things for their kids even when they are not around.
The boys and their matching eyes and shirts

We introduced the family to Artic Circle Fry Sauce, in my opinion that is the best fry sauce ever. 
The kiddies loved their shakes and cones
The boys got to go out on their own a few times for photo excursions and manly projects, like a broken sprinkler head because a mad woman mowed over it. ;) The kids were way cute playing together. Roan and Emily are 6 months apart even though they are the same size. The first day of playing together was rough because one of them was always crying, learning to share is hard. But by the end of the trip they were playing close side by side. It was really darling. They even hugged and kissed on demand. That Emily girl is hilarious, she dances on command. :) The older kids were so good at helping and playing too.

Hi there, do you think we should climb this door?
Wahoo! This is fun.
Oh no! Eye contact and our hands touched....we should get married!
Let's take a bath instead.
Pour the water on Roan
Move over you bed hog :)

We sure had fun with our friends. We love and miss you. Oh and the mountains miss you too! 
Come back soon.