Monday, August 5, 2013

18 Months Old

This awesome kid is 18 months

Weight: 25 lbs 50th%
Length: 33 inches 95th %

Here are some fun Roan Facts:
-He loves to eat. If you give him a spoon or a fork he will poke all his food with it and then use his hands. 
-He will pat you on the back or shoulder when you hold him
-He knows how to wave hello and goodbye
-He loves to greet people with a "HI!" Then a big grin
-Anytime our doorbell rings or there is a knock he runs to the door to answer it and giggles
-He loves having his picture taken and then looking at it
-He loves throwing things down the stairs or over the stair railing
-He loves sword fights
-He loves bath time
-He makes boat, cars, and train noises
-He jabbers a lot and I can actually understand some words. It serious clicked one day
-He can go up and down stairs on his bottom and starting too with his feet (he especially loves to try to carry things up and down the stairs)
-He enjoys throwing his hands up
-When he wants my attention while I am busy in the kitchen he obtains it by getting me to face him by pushing me towards him and then throws his hands on me
-He likes to put feet on the table and feed his toes
-He loves it when you make faces with him and when he is allowed to examine your facial expressions and tongue.
-Some gross stuff he has been doing:
He likes to put toilet paper in the toilet to watch it flush...even while you are using the toilet. 
We are starting to close the bathroom door when we have to go now. 
At City Creek in the family bathroom they have little kid toilet's. He proceeded to put tp in it to flush it but he immersed his entire hand in the water. There wasn't poop or pee in there but it was so gross. I scrubbed his hands for 5 minutes. Yuck. 

-He has been teething this month and we hate it
-His favorite toys are: Giraffe, trucks, cars, golf clubs, legos, anything he can push, pull, or carry
He loves to kiss and see his parents kiss. When we have a family hug both Lars and I give him a "kiss sandwich" where Roan is in the middle and each of us are kissing one side of his checks. Then when we pull away he grabs the back of our necks and pushes our faces into each other so we can kiss.  

-Most days I feel like he has turned into this
A million Roan's running around from one thing to the next. Such a workout at times but still awesome.
Roan used to be afraid of this toy when he was watched by my friend Marly. He has conquered his fears.
-He loves his Daddy
-When we wrestle with him he loves to pull you to the ground from behind then sit on you
-He loves to smile :)

I can't get over how much he has grown and how smart he is. I love every new day with him because we never know what fun he has in store for us. 

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