Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm On A **** Boat

This weekend was Lars Dad's birthday. We celebrated by camping with his Dad, step Mom, brother, and step brother in Coalville. It was RV camping so it was super fancy. 
Roan went on his first boat ride and he hated it. 
I don't blame him. We got out on the lake late, the fish weren't biting, the boat was rocking like crazy from all the other skidoos and speed boats, and he didn't like feeling confined in his life jacket. I think overall he just didn't feel stable. We gave him snacks and I held him 99% of the time. He only lasted an hour on the lake which was more than I thought we would get. 
We went back to the RV to play and swim in the heated pool instead. 
 Lars stayed and fished with his Dad and brother for 5 more hours. Not a joke, his Dad takes his fishing serious and commits with his time. 
 Lars' step sister came up that evening and we all enjoyed the fire, roasted hot dogs, homemade elk chili, dutch oven monkey bread, and atmosphere. We even saw some fireworks because Coalville had their city fair going on a few miles away. Roan had fun playing and was so worn out he slept in super late the next day and even took a 3 hour nap once we got home. It was fun camping in an RV. We hope to do it again soon. 

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  1. Boats are so much fun if you do not get seasick, or worse still in rough weather fall backwards and bash your head on a wooden seat...........yes that happened to me............


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