Friday, August 2, 2013

Lake Tahoe Camping

We had our annual camping trip with most of our group of V-Town friends. It was a lot of fun. This year we went to Lake Tahoe. Tahoe was really pretty. The food we ate was good and the company was even better. Tahoe is a bear habitat so we had to keep our food in bear boxes. We had many chuckles over the fire making fun of retarded bears. LOL

We have been to Tahoe once before for a winter trip. I love Tahoe in the winter. When it comes to camping I think Tahoe is not my favorite place to go. Better than some other places we have been to but not the best. Here are my thoughts as to why:

Though it is pretty it is really touristy. The drive through town was super busy and slow because bikers and people crossing the street. We were at a high elevation so most of the people cleared out but the camp sites were pretty close together and we could hear the main road still. My type of camping preference is more secluded. Now that being said there were still some lovely things about Tahoe. We didn't have any problems with raccoon's or squirrels getting into our stuff. The weather was really perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. We went to a beach, the sand was rough but the water was nice. They had a really cool Viking Cove that we hiked too. Don't get me wrong. Tahoe is nice and fun to visit especially in the winter. But for camping it is aokay. My favorite place of all is Big Sur. Either way we were happy to enjoy the company of our friends.

Please enjoy our camping trip via pictures.

Love this picture so much!!

 Playing in the truck
At Viking Cove 
 This tree was cool. I lectured the kids about having a strong foundation in faith and building it with blocks like scripture study, kindness, temple attendance, blah blah blah. Like the tree. You get it right. :)
 Roan's favorite toy was this stick. He practiced his sword fighting skills with it and more or less carried it around the entire trip.
Relaxing from the sun

 "Sea" food anyone
He acted like he was starving and downed so much rice. 
 Playing in the boat with an ore, the next closest thing to a stick. 
 At the beach Roan literally made a "sand"which. He took his PBJ and smashed it into the sand multiple times, then he put it back in the bag and continued to cover it with even more sand, and then ate it. And I let him. He had trouble eating normal this entire trip so at that point I did not care what he ate only that he was eating. Yep. I will win the Cool Mom Award again for sure. :)

 When he finally did take a nap this was how we left him
 5 mins later
 10 mins later
 15 mins later
 20 mins later
25 mins later 
The V-Town Camping Crew:
The Meurer's, Barlow's, Brian M., & The Tibbets
We had to take a silly picture. I love that what each person is doing totally reflects their personality. :)

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  1. LOVE the squish face kiss in the last photo. Looks like you had a great time. (This is Eliza, not Brent I'm just to lazy to sign him out)


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