Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lake Tahoe Pictures

We went to Lake Tahoe over Martin Luther King Holiday. It was a blast. The little town there was so cute and the scenery was just stunning. I could not get over how beautiful the trees and sky where. Plus it wasn't as cold as planned on it being. We had a lot if fun with our friends. When we weren't making snowmen or snowshoeing we were inside eating lots of yummy and oh so unhealthy food, talking, playing Settlers of Catan, and getting cozy by the fireplace. Loved it and would be happy to do it again.
Home away from Home
Lola the snowman
One of the hills we climbed while snow shoeing
Christy and I at the viewpoint
Jamie and Lars talking like a bunch of hens
Basking in the sun at the view. Such a wonderful feeling and place to be.

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