Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Job

So many of you may not know what I do. I will try to explain. I work for a company, Document Technologies, and we provide document services for Law Firms and Corporations. In short we are like a FedEx Kinkos within the law firm, but we do provide more services besides copying and scanning, we also provide supply and hospitality management and much more depending on the needs of the client. Since working for this company I have learned a lot about this business and how a law firm is ran. There is a lot that makes the office world go round.

I was promoted and transfered to CA to help open and manage a new site in the law firm. We will be respondsible for all reception, hospitality, supplies, and copy services. We open (start providing our services full time) on Monday the 29th. I started work immediately after moving here to start preparing for our companies install. Basically I had to get everything prepared and set up with installing new copy machines and transfering information from the old service provider to us through the firms vendors. I also needed to hire and train a new staff. It is a long process and we have to make sure the client remains happy through it all. SO I have been working long hours getting everything ready, then this last Friday, the old provider moved there stuff out and we moved in. We call it an "Hands On Weekend". Everyone in our crew helps get things cleaned up and installed and then trained. This starts Friday night and gets finished up Saturday afternoon. We do take a break and let everyone go home Friday night and then we just begin where we left off on Saturday. Once this is done we are ready to work and provide awesome service. Then we get into a good rythm and I cut my hours back to 40 a week, or at least that is the idea. So it has been busy getting ready, but things will settle down now that we are set up. The market here is growing for my company so I might help open more sites when we get them.

My theme song of the week..."She works hard for the money, so you better treat right!"

We Made It!

We are in California now! The trip down here was fun and we made it safely. The only close call we had was on a freeway in CA. Another truck hauling a back how shoved lost the shovel piece. The piece went flying off and almost hit a van following the truck. It was a 6 lane freeway and traffic was light enough and we were far enough back so we were able to slow down and dodge it. Now body was hurt thankfully. 
We left on Friday at noon. We spent the first part of Friday with my parents in Cedar Hills, then we got on the rode. We drove a 22ft truck and towed our car. It was fun, I have never been in a big truck for a long period at once. I felt like a truck driver travel the country. I kept singing songs like "On the Road Again" and "God Bless America" through out the trip. These songs made me feel like trucking I guess.  We got to St George in the afternoon and spent the night with Lars parents. It will be Lars birthday on the 30th so his Mom got him a cake to start off the celebration. 
Saturday we got up early to hit the rode. We left about 7:30 am and got to Anaheim at 2:00 pm. We did stop for a break every now and then. We leave in a beautiful world. God created many things to look at. Once here we filled out some paper work for the apartment and then started unloading the truck. We only had ourselves and two other people from our new ward helping us move. It took about 3 and 1/2 hours to unload. We downsized from a townhouse to a one bedroom. I thought we did good to get rid of some things, but it was apparent we didn't get rid of enough. We did get a small storage unit so that helped. The rest of the weekend was spent unpacking and getting settled in. I had to start work right away and have been working long hours (I will explain further in a future blog) so we still have some lingering boxes, but they will be gone by the end of conference weekend. :)
Our pictures of our trip and the apartment after we unloaded the truck are at the following site,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today is the DAY!!!

Today we are moving. It is also my last day at work. We stayed up very late finalizing the packing and then woke up very early to finish that and I had to watch Next Top Model. :) I think I will sleep better once it is all over. It is tough to move and emotionally draining. I am very excited for this new adventure still, just anxious to get the tears over with too. I am sad, but also excited so I haven't really had a good cry yet. I have had private spurts, but nothing in front of the people I love. Though they see me physically being happy and excited, I am also sad to leave them and crying inside. But it will be okay. This is a good move and I know it is not a goodbye, just a see ya!!! I just want to cry in front of them so they will know that I will miss them too. I love you all. Thanks for all your help, love and support. See ya Utah!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Apartment

We found a new apartment in Anehiem. It is a perfect location, only 14 miles from my work and close to a lot of wonderful attractions. It is a one bedroom (smaller than we have now, but we will make due), we get two parking spots and the grounds are very lovely. The only thing we have to get is a fridge. If you know anyone wanting to rid themselves of one let us know. To check out pics of the new place go to
We will put up new pics once we moved in and decorate.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday the 14th Bon Voyage Open House

SO a lot of people want to see us and we want to see all of you before we take off. Because of the short time we have to get ready it is nearly impossible to get to everyone and pack up our stuff. SO on Sunday, the 14th we will be having an open house at our house, 1032 Downington Ave #4 SLC, UT. All are welcome to come whenever. We will be home all day long after 1:00pm. We will have some food, mostly anything that is left in our fridge/freezer/pantry that we need to eat up. So if you would like to bring something you may, but it is not required. We will be there for hugs, chatting, and Rock Band-The Final Salt Lake City Tour! Hope to see a lot of you there, but if not we hope to make arrangements to see you another time before or after we go. Thanks. Love ya!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We are moving!!!

Big changes are rolling in. We are moving to Southern CA!!! I got a job promotion through my employment, Document Technologies Inc. I will be working in Irvine, we will probably be living in between LA and Irvine. My feelings are mixed. I am excited because this is what we have wanted for a long time and it is finally here and it is a great oppourtunity with my job, a little scared to be in a new enviorment (especially the roads, I will need a GPS to get around), also very sad to leave our family and friends.
Many of you may know that Lars and I have very ambitious dreams. We want to be involved in the movie business. Anything to do with movies we love. LA is where it is at and we are finally doing it. We realize that it will be hard and a huge sacrafice. Currently we are both employed and working hard, but playing very hard too. We have a big beautiful townhouse, soon we will have a 1 bedroom apartment. Once we move we will have to buckle down and save and work even harder. We won't make the dream a reality over night, but this is a wonderful beginning in making our american dream happen.
By reading this blog you will be apart of our voyage. We will record the happenings of our lives. Please enjoy and feel free to comment. I am new at this blog thing so our page will be plain for a while. If any of you have an expertise in this please come by and spruce up the page. Thanks. Love ya!