Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday the 14th Bon Voyage Open House

SO a lot of people want to see us and we want to see all of you before we take off. Because of the short time we have to get ready it is nearly impossible to get to everyone and pack up our stuff. SO on Sunday, the 14th we will be having an open house at our house, 1032 Downington Ave #4 SLC, UT. All are welcome to come whenever. We will be home all day long after 1:00pm. We will have some food, mostly anything that is left in our fridge/freezer/pantry that we need to eat up. So if you would like to bring something you may, but it is not required. We will be there for hugs, chatting, and Rock Band-The Final Salt Lake City Tour! Hope to see a lot of you there, but if not we hope to make arrangements to see you another time before or after we go. Thanks. Love ya!

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