Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Job

So many of you may not know what I do. I will try to explain. I work for a company, Document Technologies, and we provide document services for Law Firms and Corporations. In short we are like a FedEx Kinkos within the law firm, but we do provide more services besides copying and scanning, we also provide supply and hospitality management and much more depending on the needs of the client. Since working for this company I have learned a lot about this business and how a law firm is ran. There is a lot that makes the office world go round.

I was promoted and transfered to CA to help open and manage a new site in the law firm. We will be respondsible for all reception, hospitality, supplies, and copy services. We open (start providing our services full time) on Monday the 29th. I started work immediately after moving here to start preparing for our companies install. Basically I had to get everything prepared and set up with installing new copy machines and transfering information from the old service provider to us through the firms vendors. I also needed to hire and train a new staff. It is a long process and we have to make sure the client remains happy through it all. SO I have been working long hours getting everything ready, then this last Friday, the old provider moved there stuff out and we moved in. We call it an "Hands On Weekend". Everyone in our crew helps get things cleaned up and installed and then trained. This starts Friday night and gets finished up Saturday afternoon. We do take a break and let everyone go home Friday night and then we just begin where we left off on Saturday. Once this is done we are ready to work and provide awesome service. Then we get into a good rythm and I cut my hours back to 40 a week, or at least that is the idea. So it has been busy getting ready, but things will settle down now that we are set up. The market here is growing for my company so I might help open more sites when we get them.

My theme song of the week..."She works hard for the money, so you better treat right!"


  1. Go you! I hope it all goes smoothly.

  2. Hey, Steph! I found your blog through various Sugar House Ward friends' blogs. Good luck in California! I hope they are treating you right! Love ya!
    --Mary Cox


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