Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today is the DAY!!!

Today we are moving. It is also my last day at work. We stayed up very late finalizing the packing and then woke up very early to finish that and I had to watch Next Top Model. :) I think I will sleep better once it is all over. It is tough to move and emotionally draining. I am very excited for this new adventure still, just anxious to get the tears over with too. I am sad, but also excited so I haven't really had a good cry yet. I have had private spurts, but nothing in front of the people I love. Though they see me physically being happy and excited, I am also sad to leave them and crying inside. But it will be okay. This is a good move and I know it is not a goodbye, just a see ya!!! I just want to cry in front of them so they will know that I will miss them too. I love you all. Thanks for all your help, love and support. See ya Utah!!

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