Saturday, September 6, 2008

We are moving!!!

Big changes are rolling in. We are moving to Southern CA!!! I got a job promotion through my employment, Document Technologies Inc. I will be working in Irvine, we will probably be living in between LA and Irvine. My feelings are mixed. I am excited because this is what we have wanted for a long time and it is finally here and it is a great oppourtunity with my job, a little scared to be in a new enviorment (especially the roads, I will need a GPS to get around), also very sad to leave our family and friends.
Many of you may know that Lars and I have very ambitious dreams. We want to be involved in the movie business. Anything to do with movies we love. LA is where it is at and we are finally doing it. We realize that it will be hard and a huge sacrafice. Currently we are both employed and working hard, but playing very hard too. We have a big beautiful townhouse, soon we will have a 1 bedroom apartment. Once we move we will have to buckle down and save and work even harder. We won't make the dream a reality over night, but this is a wonderful beginning in making our american dream happen.
By reading this blog you will be apart of our voyage. We will record the happenings of our lives. Please enjoy and feel free to comment. I am new at this blog thing so our page will be plain for a while. If any of you have an expertise in this please come by and spruce up the page. Thanks. Love ya!


  1. Welcome to blogger. I am so excited you started one so now we can keep in touch through our blogs as well as e-mail and phones. I am so sad that you are moving though. I hope everything works out. Come visit often. Good luck with your new adventure.

  2. Congratulations on the promotion. I think you'll have fun in California and there will be a lot more film opportunities for Lars there.

    I'm so glad you've joined the blogosphere. I keep up with those friends of mine who have blogs so much better. Make sure you post regularly!


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