Friday, August 2, 2013

Superstar Goal Achieved!!!!

 I am super pleased with the progress I have made health wise. I look and feel great and I love the new habits I have formed and the food I have discovered that has always been there but I have never cared to try. I was a little nervous to transition off the program but I was nervous to start too. I think that after the first few weeks I will get the swing of it and be fine incorporating real food back into my diet. I really can live healthy and make good healthy choices and love it. I can still treat myself here and there and maintain control and just enjoy life and eating, some of two favorite things.  

Here are my specs of my before and after...

Start Weight: 191.6 lbs
Start BMI: 28

End Weight 143.6 lbs
End BMI: 21

Total loss:
48 lbs
10 inches from my waist
5 inches from my hips
3 inches off my upper arms
4 inches from my upper thighs

My start pant size was 14/16
Now it is 6/8

I haven't been this small since I was 18.

Goal to loose 45 lbs achieved & then some :)

Now that I have this healthy body what am I going to do with it.

First, I want to tone it up more. I really need to lift more weights, or do carido for longer periods of time, and do more strengthening exercises. At work I have to lift stuff all the time and I still have trouble lifting things.

I want to take up dancing of some sorts again. I am looking at local dance classes. I really want to start doing Zumba more frequently. Maybe even be in an exercise video (seriously one of my secret dreams)

I want to roller blade again. The last time I did this I broke my hand. I had bad skates and I was way out of shape. I used to roller blade all the time.

I want to wear one of these. I love this era and the clothes they wore. I have a few dresses that are similar but never thought I looked good in them. Now I really think I can pull them off. I think I might just buy myself a new dress. And a new bra or two. Dudes I totally lost two bra sizes up top. Sorry if that is TMI. But dang I am excited to get a few new bras. Victoria Secret are my fav. 

Down the road I want to expand my family and have a healthy pregnancy. Not that the last one was, but this next one will hopeful be super. 

I am a health coach for the program I used, Take Shape for Life. I hope to be successful in that en-devour to help others reach any of their health goals.

Anyway. So that is my big happy fun exhilarating news. Goals really can come true, especially when you have hard work and support. My health coach Thia is amazing!!!! I couldn't have done it without her. At times it was not easy. But I kicked butt and stayed 100% on plan because I knew I was worth it and 
SO ARE YOU. I am still in awe over how this worked. :)

If you would like to know more specifics about the program I used please feel free to give me a call. 


  1. Congratulations! You look amazing and sooo happy! I'm so excited for you. You seriously look 18 (even Aaron said so). What was the length of time from start to finish?

    1. It took me 90 days. I actually joined a competition within my program to help motivate me to stay on plan.

  2. You are A M A Z I N G! And totally inspiring. Super duper job, Steph.

    The top middle and bottom middle dresses were my favorite and I think you'd look great in that style! I want to see pictures when you do.

  3. Stephanie,You dropped it like it's hot! You are stunning!!

  4. Isn't it amazing what can happen in 3 months! You are such an inspiration. And, Wow! Now you're helping other people get healthy too!! You are a Roch Star!!!

  5. High five girl you are doing bloody marvellous

  6. Girl, YOU ROCK!!! You look amazing :)

  7. You rock!! You look so good! Plus you won the Summer Slim down, even more of a bonus!!


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