Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fat Chance

The only thing the same in this picture is my phone :)

Take Shape For Life 90 Day Summer Slim Down Competition
$1000 Women's Grand Prize Winner
Stephanie Barlow 
lost 48 lbs and 25.05% body fat

I joined this program in May and our region was having a 90 day summer slim down competition that over 400 people entered. I honestly thought, "fat chance I would win but what the hey" (no pun intended). Monday my super awesome coach and friend, Thia, called me and told me that so far I was in the lead. I was excited but tried to shrugged it off because results were still coming in. The next day we had a conference call with our group and they announced the winners. They read my name for the grand prize. :) I was over the moon!!! My coworkers in the office were jumping up and down with me. I emailed Lars and told him and he was just as excited. 

Not only did I reach my goal and create new life long healthy habits, which is the greatest take away, but I won a competition. The money literally pays for the 90 days on program so it is like I lost all this weight and got healthy for free. :) I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the love and support. I would be lying if I said I didn't celebrate the good news with some good food. I kept it healthy with a lettuce wrap smashburger and sweet potato fries along with other low carb veggies. Today I brought in Salt Lakes City's finest Banbury Cross donuts to share with my coworkers. :)

 Here is to continued healthy living. :) 


  1. That is so amazing!! Good for you and you look fabulous (I'm sure you FEEL fabulous, too!)!!! Congratulations!!

  2. So awesome. Did losing so much weight make you the winner or was it more of chance?

    1. The based the winners off body fat % lost. I lost 25 and the girl who took 2nd lost 24%. They had categories for men and women, then a random drawing for anyone that met their goals.

  3. I am still beaming with joy for you!! I was jumping for joy when they called out your name as the Grand Prize winner! Seriously,.. My kids were like, “Mom, what’s happening?”
    I am so glad you decided to become a Health Coach. You’re going to help so many people get healthy too! For anyone out there who may be struggling with their weight? This Lady knows how to drop it like it’s HOT!
    A cool thing about this program is that it is tailored to the individual. Best part of all you don’t have to do anything extraordinary. All Stephanie did was stick to the program! Isn’t it amazing what can happen in 3 months?!

  4. You are amazing you have done an amazing job..........

  5. (this is Eliza) I can only imagine how awesome you must feel right now. Well done, Stephanie. Well done.

  6. Holy crap, you look amazing! Nice work!!!!


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