Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Iowa Cousins

Lars sister and her family stayed with us from Iowa for the 4th. She has 4 kids. Roan took to them the moment they arrived. I didn't see much of him after that because he was busy following them around and playing. 
 They brought Roan a 6 ft castle to build and color. They had so much fun playing peek a boo and decorating the fort. 
(10 points if you can spot a popular 90's item in the pictures)

We ate delicious food, shopped, and mostly just goofed off. The girls loved to dote over Roan and got to give him a bath while the boys wrestled with Roan and taught him how to throw balls. There was lots of contagious laughter all around. 

I have some super cute videos that I keep trying to upload but they won't cooperate. :( Oh well

We love you Sarah and Dave and Family. Please come back soon! :)

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