Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Roan's 3

My little boy is getting SO big. I cannot believe he is 3 now. I look at old pics of him and am amazed at how much he has changed. We love him so much and are happy he is in our family. He is such a fun loving kid. He is smart and always tries to figure out how things work. He loves to cuddle, give hugs, and kiss. He is a chatter box too. Whenever Lars and I are talking to each other Roan joins in and backs up what we say with his commentary. He just recently started to play by himself more which is really fun to watch. He has quite the imagination. He loves to play with his train, hot wheels car, and puppy dog. He LOVES to play with other kids and his cousins. His favorite shows are anything Mickey Mouse, Super Why, and anything with trains. His favorite foods are chicken nuggets, pancakes, and meatballs.  He weighs 36 lbs 2 oz and he is  40.5 in. tall. He is in the  96% for his age group. He is a big guy. :) Some people think he is 4 but he is only 3 for now. Thanks for being a special part of our family buddy. Here is how we celebrated.

We had a big pancake breakfast. :)

We got him balloons that he loves to play with.  

 Then we went to Chick-fila with Grandma & Grandpa Stark
 We sang Happy Birthday to him and he got to blow out his candles twice. 
 Then he went and played in the play area. 
The Cow even paid us a visit and Roan was brave and kept giving him high fives. I thought he would be afraid of him but he wasn't, so grown up.  
He even opened a few presents. He got some nice puzzles, toys, hot wheel tracks and cars. 

We love this little guy and he already can't wait until next year. But who are we kidding everyday is this kids birthday. :)

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