Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stephanie Then & Now

I am super excited to share this. Growing up my parents kept all our yearly pictures together in a frame hung on the wall of our home along the stairs. My Mom always said that if ever there were a fire to grab the frames full of pictures on the way out. I finally have a copy of all of them and I wanted to share them here. Enjoy!!

Me as a baby

I had a huge gap in my teeth
Then I knocked out all my teeth when I fell wearing my brothers shoes outside
I remember loving this Avon heart necklace
Every summer I got a perm so my hair wasn't naturally curly. 
Even when my teeth grew back I still had the gap
I was in dance
For some reason my hair turned golden yellow
Again my favorite necklace 

I don't remember what was going on with my hair here

Probably one of my favorites

Then I discovered hair spray and gave myself West Valley Utah hair
One of my other favs
I didn't want to smile because by then I hated my teeth
So I got braces
Viola straight teeth and thick eyebrows
So stylish my Senior Year
And here I am now 31 years old 

I love every bit of me!! :)

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