Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Halloween this year was so warm. We didn't do much around here besides decorate and dress up. LOL Roan went to my Dad's work for trick or treating and then to mine where he struck gold. 

Roan was a lion & I was Cafe Rio
In the evening we attending a neighbors party and I changed my costume to an "Ice Bucket Challenge"

The loot
We went out for breakfast at Black Bear Diner on Halloween

I ran in a 5K in October and did pretty good. 

Roan was a real tropper when it came to putting his make up on. 
He is wearing a skeleton costume because that was our back up in case he changed his mind again about his lion costume. He changed his mind a lot and here I thought I was ahead of the game by getting his costume a month before Halloween. 
Roan with some of his cousins at my Dad's work party. My nephew in the middle was President Business from The Lego Movie, it was very cute and creative. 

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