Thursday, May 14, 2015

AMY 4.0

In High School one of my best friends name was Amy. I called her Amy 4.0 because she was very smart and in AP English. :) 

Amy and her hubby Jake drove through our neck of the woods a few times last month. It was so nice of them to stop in for a visit. We ate lots of good food, laughed, and stayed up late talking. I got them hooked on Kneaders french toast and we also hit up our favorite sushi place, KOI. 

Roan adored Amy and didn't know a thing about personal space. He also loved noodles. After this we taught him how to eat noodles with a fork but it is still more fun to slurp them in. 

Lars also gave Amy and Jake a lesson on how to use chop sticks. 
Thanks for coming to visit. You are so wonderful, smart, and beautiful girl. And Jake rocks too. LOL :) 

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