Thursday, October 2, 2014

Amy & Jake's Montana Wedding Celebration

My sweet, wonderful, smart, fun, spontaneous, dancing, friend Amy got married at the end of September. Lars and I took a short trip alone up to Montana to celebrate. 
First, Idaho has a couple of Jack in the Box's. Seriously SLC, UT get with the program,
We drive through Yellowstone
It was beautiful, especially just before the fall. 

I loved this tree, it looked like butterflies were attached to it and could fly off at any moment. 

The wedding ceremony was awesome. It was one of a kind and special. I totally cried. Star Wars and The Princess Bride were quoted in the sermon. Their vows were very touching and sweet. I just love wedding. 
They were married at Jake's family cabin in the mountains with a stunning view over the Montana valley. It was drissling rain here and there but still just as lovely. 
Amy & I :)

The happy couple
Paul, Amy's little brother and I
FHNHS mini reunion, myself, Amy, Zack, & Paul. We all went to HS together, Amy, Zack & I sang in the choir and toured Europe together. 

Seriously the way Jake & Amy starred into eachother's eyes through the night was very romantic and lovely. It made me super cuddly with Lars. 

This was the dress I bought for the party. It was a rare find for the price. 
This was the wedding gift I made for Amy & Jake. It was one of the funniest craft projects I ever did. I found it on pinterest and I am very pleased with how it turned out. It is a copy of their wedding song in the backdrop with a tree and hearts with their wedding date and initials. 

While at the wedding celebration I got to be apart of a Flash Mob. It was so much fun, I rehearsed for weeks and thought it turned out really well. 

Congrats Amy & Jake on your new journey together! This was such a fun trip. It was relaxing and fun and awesome to meet so many new wonderful people in a place I have never visited before. I will return soon. 

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