Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lucky #7

Lets play catch up on my blog....ready....set....GO!

In August we celebrated our 7th Anniversary. To celebrate we went to an authentic German Restaurant for dinner. They treated us like royalty. It is a fabulous family owned restaurant and they make everything from scratch and have their own butcher. The food was amazing. It is a quiet, little hole in the wall restaurant called Jagerhaus. The portions are huge and both breakfast and dinner are delicious. It is one of the top three restaurants I take my visitors too (I will reveal the other two in another blog some other time).

Then we went to San Diego for the weekend. It was my first time there and probably the furthest south I have ever been. We had an amazing time. We went to Old Town, the San Diego Zoo, Gas Lamp District, Seaport Village, the Temple, and the Mormon Battalion Museum. We also ate at this amazing sushi place called Sushi Deli #2, it was the longest line I ever waited in for sushi, but it was worth it. I think the Zoo and the Mormon Battalion Museum were my favorite. I saw animals I have never seen before and there was so much fun stuff to do. I even got a few stuffed animals to bring home. The Battalion Museum was so awesome. They took us on a historic tour and it was very entertaining and afterwards they gave us a picture to keep. Everyone should seriously stop by there if ever visiting San Diego area.

This trip was one of my favorite family trips to date. I love being married to Lars, he is my best friend. The day we married I felt our love so strong but after 7 years it is even greater and stronger. Here is to forever and always.

I created a slide show of our adventure. Enjoy!
7th Anniversary Family Vacation Slideshow: Stephanie & Lars Barlow’s trip from Anaheim, California, United States to San Diego was created by TripAdvisor. See another San Diego slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.

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