Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Still Got It!

Fun Story

Friday afternoon I was walking into one of my clients offices from the parking lot. There was a gentleman a few feet in front of me that had just come out of the building. He was looking at his phone and looking around. He had bright green shoes on and will further be know as "G". As I got closer to the building he stopped me and had a conversation that went like this:

G: Excuse me, are you from this area?
Me: Umn yes.
(I thought he was lost and going to ask for directions)
G: Well, I just wanted to tell you that you have a very nice and beautiful smile.
Me: Why Thank you! (I am flattered)
G: What do you do for a living?
Me: I answered blah blah blah.
G: That is great. Where did you go to college?
Me: In Utah
G: Well I went to blah blah blah and I am a skate boarder blah blah blah.
(I know I am a super listener, actually I cannot remember all that he said)
Me: Well that's cool.
G: So I was wondering if you wanted to get coffee sometime...
Me: HUH?!? What do you mean?
G: Ya know like maybe some lunch or dinner...with ME?

By this point I didn't even give me his name so I still had no idea who I was even talking too.

Me: Oh WOW, well thank you, but I am very married.
G: Oh that's okay. I just thought I would ask.
Me: Well that is kind of you and brave of you to just go for it. Way to be! Ya never know right?

I proceeded to tell him about how I didn't tell my high school crush that I liked him until my senior year. Even though the crush rejected me I felt stronger because of it.

When I told Lars this story he laughed and then explained that I probably made it awkward for the guy by patronizing him. I of course didn't mean to. I just wanted him to be proud for being brave. Actually, when I worked in that building I was getting hit on at least once a week by vendors. I am not a flirty kind of person. I am friendly and I think that a lot of guys take my friendliness as flirting. Well, those guys are wrong. My happy and perky personality may attract suiters, but I am very very happily spoken for.

Interesting enough I remember what I was thinking about while smiling the smile that got this compliment from "G" and the above conversation. I was thinking about Lars and how much I love him and love being with my friend. Guess my cutest smiles are when I am thinking about the ones I love and if that smile gets me into trouble then I will never be safe. :)

I thought it was such a cute and funny experience. I remember the first time I was hit on after I was first married. I thought to myself, "Yep, I still got it!" I guess after almost eight years of marriage I still have it!

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  1. haha. This is a very funny story. Good for you. I don't remember the last time I was hit on. Probably when Aaron asked me on our first date...


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