Monday, February 7, 2011

Muppet Mondays

I am very excited to announce that another Muppet Movie shall be made.
(this is old news to some, but if you didn't know before, you know now)

I am so excited and even more excited because this guy has a big hand in the project
Jason Segel

You may remember him from Freaks and Geeks, or
Laugh your eyes out weekly from How I Met Your Mother, or
Saw him in I Love You Man which was voted best movie of 2009 by STARS (Steph n' Lars), or
Heard him in Despicable Me,
or recently fell in love with him again in Gulliver's Travel.

In honor of this movie coming out I propose that we make every Monday from now until it's release date, November 23, 2011.....
A day on which I will feature a short video or story about the Muppet's for your enjoyment. There are so many Muppet things to choose from and I am sure The Muppet's have touched and inspired so many lives as they have done mine. SO let the Muppet Monday Celebrations begin....!


  1. Good idea... Joben.
    Slappin' da bass!

    That movie is amazing. And so is Mr. Segel.

  2. And the Muppets. :)

  3. I'm WAY more excited about a new Muppet movie than a 34-year-old woman with no kids should EVER be...


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