Thursday, September 15, 2016

Labor Day Send Off to Summer

Labor Day a send off to summer and Hello to Fall. I love the Fall and cannot wait!!!
We celebrated by taking a bike ride, swimming and BBQ at my parents house. 

The kids are watching the end of Back to the Future, it was pretty funny to see them react. 

Oh my goodness. Roan started preschool!!! He LOVES it so much. He talks about it all the time and is so curious about everything. He shares the songs he learns there with me and we try to sing them. Most of the time I have to google them because he can't remember the whole song or the title so he tells me apart of it and then we figure it out together. I love watching him learn and grow. He told us that on the first day he sat and listened. WOW!!
Our Daycare helped celebrate his first day of preschool with Subway. It was sweet. 

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