Sunday, April 5, 2009

St George Getaway

Beautiful Blossoms in St George

A few weeks ago we went to St George for the weekend to hook up with some friends and to see Lars' family. It was a lot of fun and very pleasant. Some little vacations have spurts of fun and the high from those spurts ends fast, but this trip was a constant steady mood of fun and relaxation. We arrived Friday and had dinner with Lars' parents, then his Mom and I watched Mama Mia. Pretty cute. We stayed up late talking, Lars lost his voice the first night because he was still getting over some weird sickness that didn't seem to be a flu or cold just something. Saturday Lars and Dave went golfing while Andrea and I shopped. Then we had lunch and one of my favorite places Village Inn. I miss that place so much. California has a similar place called Bakers Square, but it isn't the same, maybe because it lacks our friends :). Then we went on a hike and just enjoyed each others company. Afterwards we relaxed at Dave and Andrea's condo with a movie and conversation. It was so fun to hang out with them. Thanks guys. 

On top of the world!

Aren't we super cute together

A cool pic Lars took

Us with our friends Dave and Andrea Wisenbeck, one serious one goofing off. 

Sunday I went on a long walk with Lars' Dad and then surprise! One of Lars' cousins dropped by with his family for a visit. Travis and Esther whom we haven't seen for a few years. They have beautiful kids. We got to hang out with them. We also part took in doing two 1000 piece puzzles which are very addicting and hard to get pulled from when you feel like you are so close to finishing when in reality you are far away.  

Two of their girls. Those cheeks are so cute! They were really fun kids and had some funny things to say as kids usually do. 

Travis and Esther Wolfe and their girls

Monday we got up and had German pancakes for breakfast then headed home. We made great time coming home and then we unpacked and relaxed. All in all a wonderful trip. 

Lars and his Mom and Dad (Bev and Rich)


  1. Steph,
    Cool Pics. On your comment with Baker's Square, they have really good pies. We ate there a lot when we lived in Minnesota. Take Care "Sis". Love Monte.

  2. Thanks for hanging out with us. It was good to see you guys again, we had tonz of fun. We can't wait for September to do it again.
    Love ya,


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