Friday, March 23, 2012

2 Months

My little boy is 2 months old
Time is flying by and this little boy is not so little anymore
 Weight: 13 lbs and 9 oz=75th percentile
Height: 24.75"=95th percentile
Head Circumference: 40 cm=50th percentile

Blue Blue Eyes

I look back at his very newborn pictures and I cannot believe he is the same baby. Sometimes I forget how young he is and try to treat him like a toddler. Not only has his size changed but his noises have changed too. I had to go back and listen to a recording of his cry after birth to remember what that was like. 

His personality is developing and we can already tell that he is a little social bug. He loves to smile and coo and any friendly face. I had him in a full elevator the other day and he smiled at everyone as they talked to him. My favorite thing about his smile is that he smiles with his entire face, especially his eyes and eyebrows, smize's if you will. They move up and sparkle. He is absolutely charming and sometimes he tries to use it to his advantage. After we get him swaddled for bedtime he lays down the smiles. I think he does it so I will let him out and play some more, which I sometimes do (he has his Mom wrapped around his finger, good thing Daddy helps keep me in line even though Dad is eating out of his hand too at times). When we have more than two people in the room he prefers to face forward when being held so he can look at the person talking and move his head around the room. He also has a hard time going to sleep when he knows people other than his parents are in the room or a party is happening. He is afraid he will miss out on something. 
He hasn't been as picky about needing an immediate diaper change the moment he pees. His farts are very loud and one time he screamed upon farting and then laughed. Yes! My child laughs. It is mixed in with a scream/coo but the more he does it the more I am able to distinguish his laughs from coos. It pulls on my heart strings each time he does it. 

He is a little chatter box when he wants to be. Most often he is found talking in the morning just after eating, in his sleep, if he has someone to talk too, or if he has something to say and demands your attention. He still doesn't care for a pacifier but he does find it soothing to suck and chew on his hands. Maybe one day he will put his fist in his mouth. 
I think he has an imagination too. I had him sitting in his bouncy chair in the kitchen while I was cooking one morning and I could hear him playing with his hands. He started moving them around actively and laughing and as soon as I looked over at him he stopped and stared at me like I was interrupting his secret meeting and then he continued once I looked away. I guess he didn't want me in on it. LOL such a nut. 

He is almost sleeping through the night. The most I got to sleep at once was 7 hours, Yikes! It is averaging to 4-5 hours of sleep and he will only get up 1-2 times for feeding. Sometimes he will even fall asleep on his own, but most of the time he needs convincing. We are constantly telling him that everybody needs to sleep.

Pondering in his sleep

He is very strong. He can stand and sit up on his own with little to some assistance. He also can turn his head alot. He loves to fly (we hold him by his belly over our heads). He gets pretty fussy being on his belly for too long. But as one side of the back of his head is flatter than the other we are working on becoming a fan of tummy time and we are going to try and lean him on the non flat side more often. I am right handed so I found it easier to change his diaper and favored holding him on the one side. Per the doctor we will be giving the opposite side more time and his head will round out in no time. 
Roan with his sleepy friend Dane
Roan is such a talker he talked his friend to sleep ;)

Well that is pretty much what our little man has been up to.

To review.....
He likes:
-His hands
-Taking walks in the park with his friend Dane
-Exercising with Mommy
-Getting rocked and sung to sleep by Daddy
He dislikes:
-Too much tummy time
-Sleeping when there are people around

Funny things he is doing:
-Playing imagination with his hands
-Funny high pitched coos while he sleeps
-Screaming while farting
Comments from other people:
-Look at ALL that hair
-He is so strong
-Oh those eyes
-Someone looks happy
As for me:
-I have begun to regularly exercise WOOT WOOT! I hit the gym twice a week without the boy and it feels weird without him, but I love how fast I can go and how I feel afterwards. The other days I run in the park or do a workout video
-I have lost a few more pounds, but just a few, I am seeing the results around my waist more
-I feel amazing when I exercise
-Oreo shakes are my reward for good exercise and eating habits
-I can do lots of things in the dark during our night time feedings, like feeding, changing him and other fun stuff. Keeping it dark helps him go back to sleep easier.
-My tailbone is still sore but has healed some
-I am trying to use any down time I have to better myself spiritually. I am trying to read and listen to uplifting music and I am seeking for opportunities to serve.
-I have built up a tolerance for not sleeping and no longer need to take naps during the day. On average I get about 7-8 hours of sleep a night, granted it is broken up but sleep nonetheless.
-At the beginning of April I will make contact with my boss to discuss my options for returning to work (I hope to work from home but we will see, wish me luck)

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